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Pull Tissue From the Head Orifice of Dragon Ball’s Saibamen

Have you ever wanted to recreate one of Yamcha’s deaths from ? Well, now you can with Premium Bandai’s new pocket tissue case.


In the 22nd episode of , the world was introduced to the infamous Saibamen (also known as Saibaiman in Japanese) — creatures spawned from seeds. About as strong as most of the Z fighters, Yamcha, made the foolish mistake of taking them on. While he was successful in defeating one, little did he know his death was imminent. Premium Bandai will now allow you to recreate that iconic scene with its new Saibamen pocket tissue case.

According to the official site, the pocket tissue case is 34 centimeters high, 33 centimeters wide, and 22 centimeters deep. This makes the Saibamen tissue case a bit smaller than their anime counterparts, but no less cute. (If they can be called that.) On top of this, both hands have Velcro clips, allowing fans to let the Saibamen hang from various things such as table legs, chairs, curtains, or your arm. Unfortunately, the Saibamen arms are bit short, so they likely won’t be able to clasp an adult torso.

The main feature of the tissue case, though, is where one pulls the tissues from. While one would think it’s from the back, you in fact pull tissues out from the crown of the Saibamen’s head. This mimics how in each Saibamen can split their head to splash an acidic compound on their enemies. It’s a fun little gimmick for the tissue case and really gets the essence of a Saibamen.

Even Tōru Furuya, voice actor of Yamcha, got in on the fun of the tissue case release with an amusing tweet. Mr. Furuya said, “What is this guy! Don’t cling to me!!” echoing what Yamcha must have thought just before the Saibamen self-destructed. Fans had a good time with the tweet with one even remaking how, “This is a product that really hits Furuya-san and Yamcha’s trauma.”

Premium Bandai has set the price for the Saibamen pocket tissue case at 6,600 yen (about US$44) and will end orders on November 21 at 11: 00 p.m. Japan Standard Time (9: 00 a.m. EST). It should be noted the Saibamen pocket tissue case can only hold up to three packets of pocket tissues and will not fit a regular box of tissues. Regrettably, there has been no announcement on if the product will be available outside of Japan. But here’s to hoping it will be available outside of Japan so fans around the world can recreate one of Yamcha’s iconic deaths.

Source: Premium Bandai



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