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Pupa's Sayaka Mogi to Launch “Girls, Meat Girls” Manga

January issue 2022 Asahi Shimbun Publications

magazine announced on Tuesday that manga creator Sayaka Mogi will feature in the magazine titled Girl, Meat Girl The new comics March 2022, February . Mogi also posted the announcement on her Twitter account in November 13:

February 日噺売の「Nemuki+(ネミキプラス)」March issue (@comic_nemuki)からNew serialization ガ初まります! タイトルハ『ガールミーテガール』です

“Red ず き ん の wolf disciple – Yue へ の last words -” ともどもよろしくお望いします~! Manuscript 頑張ります! pic.twitter.com/YkKE

D0RE — Mogi Qingxiang@New serial preparation/红ずきんの狼者子(@mogi_sayaka) November, 2019

Cross Species The sci-fi manga about growing up tells the story of Dou Zi, an innocent high school girl, and You Lili, an introverted pig girl, who formed friendship in a mysterious world and spent their youth. Where different species coexist. (The magazine issue lists the manga’s title with a comma, while Mogi’s post lists the title without the comma. The title can also be read as a play on words “Girl, meet girl”. Yu Lili’s name can be read as “Yuri” and Literal translation of of yuri

, “Lily.”)

Mogi in the first issue of magazine in 28, and ends in December 2014. Earth Star Entertainment has published five volumes of the manga. This manga inspired the series of TV animation shorts, on 1 The first broadcast of the month 13.

Mogi launched in September
of Kodansha . Motegi published the ending of the manga “Part 1” in December 2018 and announced that she will self-publish the rest of the manga . Kodansha published the third volume of the manga compilation in February 2013. Kodansha USA Publishing has digitally published the manga in English and released the third volume in September.

Mogi published (), the sequel comic of , in Comitia Doujinshi event held in Tokyo in May 2022. Digital debut in July 2018. Glacier Bay Books licensed the manga and published the first volume in English in May
. Digital MangaAzuki added manga to its service in August.

Source: January 2022 question, Twitter account of Sayaka Mogi, Comic Natalie



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