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Puppet and Puppet Resort 2024

The Puppets & Puppets brand is getting a lot of attention. Acclaim comes with expectations, but Carly Mark, who found fashion through sculpture, has every intention of building her brand and succeeding, with her own hands and in her own image — not from a script. “This collection is about me,” said the designer. “It’s about being in sync with yourself and staying true to yourself. I get rid of people who don’t work for me or don’t listen, and I bring in people who will listen and understand the struggle.”

for Emphasizing this determination, the designer’s “very” first-ever pre-collection is deeply personal. Mark chose her 90 year-old grandmother and her best friend for the sample book Jane Moseley, photographed in her own apartment. On top of that, many of the looks were modeled after the designer’s own preferences; 2023 An iteration of the look worn by Bow. These leggings are based on an AI-generated fantasy print from Mr. Chow’s restaurant. “As per usual, this collection is very New York, and my experience in New York is that Mr. Chow is a Very iconic restaurant in New York,” says Mark. The

black tracksuit with metallic gold sequins was her evening gown. Its sport(ish) ease fits what the designer says is active. The “basement lord” undercurrent of the product. (For those unaware, the basement lord was a nerdy character, or a “wannabe hardcore” comic.) In contrast, an ink-embossed The crocodile-print long coat and strong shoulders have a lord-overall attitude.

More traditional, at least in the unconventional world of puppetry, is a new take on Marc’s iconic bustier dress There’s a hoodie in molten gold and a cropped version in floral-print sequins. There’s also a pretty shift dress recreated in the Puppets way. A soft white dress with a high-cut sheer mesh bodice jumpsuit, and an almost plain floral “Mormon church dress” given a Sharpie makeover (sort of, in this editor’s opinion, in the spirit of an early imitation of Christ).

Puppets & Puppets has always walked between art and commerce, with a circus-like dazzle and strong emotions; sequins and tinsel to express this season. Speaking of a piece with a fabric leftover pin The coat, says Mark, “that’s what people come to us for; it’s a beautiful coat, but it has an odd detail that you won’t find anywhere else. A slip dress with a “wine stain” circle on the bust and a sister dress with a red Puppets logo dangling from the front of a white post, horror movie poster style, also on the brand.

Mark There are new styles of the popular novelty tote; there’s one with a curved spoon handle and another with a greyhound. There’s also a curved shoulder bag under the arm, which the designer calls a “classic bag, but in a funky twist.” Puppets Shape”, reaffirming that there is nothing cookie-cutter about her views on fashion.

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