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Qtum (QTUM) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: Will the Price Surpass $50?

N Since its introduction decades ago, countless projects have leveraged blockchain to create vibrant networks. These initiatives range from healthcare to finance. Qtum is one such thriving project. The basic configuration of the product supports the deployment of smart contracts on multiple blockchains

The Qtum platform uses the PoS algorithm, which is built on top of the Bitcoin codebase and is designed to work with smart contracts run. Every program built on a platform like Ethereum can simply be transferred to the blockchain related to any other smart contract business.

QTUM has fluctuated a lot over the past few years. Nevertheless, traders are still interested in Qtum and are currently considering its potential. Are you interested in QTUM price prediction? Join us as we explore the coin’s potential price predictions for 2022 and beyond.







USD Price


Market Cap

Volume $42,984,561 circulation supply

104,292,348.50 QTUM

All-time high

$106.88 ( January 7, 2018)

The lowest point in history

$0.77 (March 13, 2020)

*Statistics as of press time.

Qtum (QTUM) Price Prediction


Low potential average price

Potential High

2022 $4.695









$1 2.777


2025 $13.805



QTUM Price Prediction 2022

QTUM Launch January 1st Price At

$8, bearish. Since then, the coin has strictly followed the red line graph. On January 24th, the coin plummeted to $1.23, from there it rebounded in a V-shape to $7.07 February 8.

However, the turnaround was short-lived as the coin quickly fell below the support level. On March 15th, it was trading at about $5. The asset then traded sideways, not approaching its resistance level until March 26. After that, the coin grew exponentially, reaching $8, the bears took over again and the coin continued to slide. It traded at $3 on May 12th.

The downtrend didn’t stop as the coin hits $2 this quarter. In the days since, the coin has maintained that price target, trading at $4.34 at the time of writing.

Qtum Q3 Price Forecast

Qtum can leverage Ethereum’s virtual machine to create decentralized applications in a sustainable environment. Additionally, by leveraging the EVM, Qtum can guarantee the use of smart contracts and proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanisms. In optimistic mode, this could help the coin gather a new user base and its price could reach $5.056. While the ASP is likely to remain at $4.359, the bears could knock it down to $3.746.

QTUM Q4 Price Prediction

utilizes a personal innovation from the Qtum organization called Account Abstraction Layer to ensure Bitcoin’s Full interoperability and Ethereum components. In the near future, AAL may bring higher interoperability and its price is $6.509 .

However, normal buying and selling pressure will keep the value at an average of $5.508 . That being said, if a bear market preys on sentiment, questions may arise regarding availability and price. That is, the price may drop to $4.695.

Qtum Price Prediction 2023

Decentralized governance protocol enables fundamental characteristics of the platform, including block size and gas fees, to be changed through smart contracts. All without hard forking the blockchain network. As the system grows, this could end up saving a lot of hardship and push its price up over $11.414.

However, a potential corporate disaster could bring the cost down to $6.011. Ultimately, the average cost may reach $8.560.

QTUM Crypto Price Prediction 2024

The network not only provides a secure, reliable and unified environment for developing and implementing smart contracts that are beneficial to businesses. But the Qtum network also offers tailored services for business customers. Having said that, businesses can push the platform to land at $17.560.

On the other hand, weaker demand for altcoins and lower trading volume could lead to a price drop to $9.355 . However, if the buying and selling pressure is balanced, the price could reach $12.777.

Qtum Price Prediction 2025

A key component of the governance of the Qtum blockchain is the entire community of developers, miners (stakers) and holders Participation. They have the right to self-govern, update, and experiment by voting. Possible confidence in the community could accelerate the coin to reach the target of $26.195 in 2025.

In the long run, in a highly saturated market, the average price will follow $19.262. On the other hand, the market may be affected by cryptocurrency characteristics such as staking incentives and compatibility with existing cryptocurrencies. The price may then drop to a possible low of approximately $13.805.

How about the market Say?

    Wallet Investor:

    According to the QTUM price prediction of wallet investors, the value of Qtum will rise to the highest $21.125. At least $2.212 by 2022. Having said that, the token is expected to trade at an average price of

    $11.391. According to the website, by 2023 QTUM will be trading as high as $21.125 and $23.379 by 2025.

    trading Beasts:

    Trading Beasts QTUM cost is forecast to peak at the end of 2022$5.17290. By the end of 2023, based on website performance metrics, Qtum could be worth $4.61494. By the end of 2025, it may peak at $8.64296 per unit.

    Digital Coin Price:

By the end of 2022, the value of altcoins could reach a maximum of $5.90, according to the company’s QTUM price estimate. However, if the trend changes, the price may drop below $5.31. If the buying and selling pressure is balanced, the price may rise to $5.46. Analysts at Digital Coin Price have set a closing target of $6.762 as a 2025 high.

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    What is Qtum (QTUM)?

Qtum is a UTXO concept that integrates the validity of the platform Bitcoin used with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The platform allows users to easily build and participate in autonomous smart contracts, while benefiting from the versatility of the UTXO framework.

As a component of the project, a new virtual machine will be created, allowing programmers to create smart contracts that depend on Rust that can interact with the EVM. Using consensus verification technology, peer-to-peer node administrators maintain the Qtum blockchain running with their QTUM tokens. The group’s two main goals are to investigate solutions to technical and financial problems.

Utilize Qtum’s proprietary innovation called the Account Abstraction Layer to ensure a fully cooperative component of Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the creators, the Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) feature facilitates communication between the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Bitcoin network.

    Fundamental Analysis

    The creator of the project and the head of the Qtum Foundation is Patrick Dai. Qtum is a broad blockchain that aims to fix four key areas that its founders encountered in the BTC and ETH blockchain framework. That is, the interoperability, governance, rigidity, and expense of a proof-of-work mechanism.

    One of the other problems it tries to run into is the hassle of linking smart contracts to useful applications. Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) and Decentralized Governance Protocol are two unique solutions on the Qtum blockchain that aim to solve this problem. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain-based frameworks into various fields such as finance, social media, gaming, online publishing, etc. is the main purpose of Qtum.

      Here are some project unique features worth mentioning –

        ARM VM & Qtum Neutron: Rust programming language support chain and update With Qtum’s ARM VM and Neutron interface, smart contract innovations can be more easily modified and implemented.

        Enterprise Blockchain Products ): “Business Ready Blockchain “The term also applies to the Qtum blockchain. It provides a secure, reliable and unified platform for creating and executing smart contracts suitable for enterprise use. The Qtum Network also provides tailored solutions for enterprise customers.

        QTUM Wallet: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android OS, Mac OS, online wallet, har Qtum’s multi-wallet infrastructure supports dware wallet and other operating systems.

        QTUM Price Prediction by Coinpedia

        The fact that the platform is constantly striving to provide new and better features can bring it into the limelight. Based on the Qtum price prediction for 2022 created by our panel of experts. If the trading volume continues to increase, we can expect the QTUM price to climb to $6.5 by the end of this year.

        On the other hand, if external factors such as the law or unfavorable comments from important people affect the market again. The token may trade as low as $4.7 at its lowest point. However, if the buying and selling pressure is balanced, the price may reach $5.5.

        Historical Market Sentiment


        Qtum coins reached over $5 immediately after ICO.

        continue rising, Until the yearly high price $65.01 December 2017.

          2018 )

        • On January 7th, the QTU M price hit an all-time high $106.88


        But after a few weeks, it dropped to a level that was only half of what it was at its peak.

        The steady decline continued in 2018, with the coin bottoming out on December 10 $1.69.


        • The price of QTUM increased slightly from January to June, peaking at $5.91 on June 26.

        However, the cryptocurrency ended the year at $1.61 in the second half of the year.


        QTUM hit an all-time low $0.77 in March, then regained momentum on Aug. 21 and rose to $5.36 .

          over the next few months, it grew steadily, reaching $20.95 on April 19th and $35.38 May 7th.

          For a brief period on August 23, the cost increased to $3.8252. After another drop in price, it failed to exceed $3 for the remainder of 2020.


          In February 2021, the price of Qtum started to rise again.

        • May 7 Qtum 2021 Highest Price is $35.38.

            The price of the cryptocurrency started to rise in August, reaching $14.12 on August 13th and Reached on August 13th $16.12 September 4th.

            During October 2021, the cost fluctuated around the $13 level.

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            Wrap up

        Tokens with huge potential and vibrant real-world applications . However, it is important to have a deep understanding of the possible pros and cons of the coin before closing. Below are some of the major ups and downs of the coin.


          coin brings the best of both worlds, the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

          Developers can build smart contracts and make changes to them without any hard forks.

              Easy to build applications on EVM.

              scalable and combat fee issues.


              The coin has to bring newer features to stand out from the competition.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Q: Is Qtum a good investment ?

              A: The protocol has a strong team supporting it and several cutting-edge features. This could be a good investment in the long run and a scalable version of BTC and ETH.

              Q: Can QTUM handle its bear market?

              A: The fundamentals of the coin are stable, and it may rise against the trend. Get newer upgrades and actual co-op, that’ll take the blame.

              Q: What is the value of QTUM? By the end of 2022?

              A: The expected average transaction cost of this token is

              $5.508 by the end of 2022 .

              Q: What is the minimum and maximum value of Qtum? The price will arrive at the end of 2023 ?

              A: Tokens can reach record high and low trading levels by the end of 2023 , the prices are $11.414 and $6.011 respectively.

              Q: How much can the price of Qtum go up by 2025?

              A: The coin can break out of its bear market and reach the highest trade Price $26.195 through 2025.



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