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Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, in photos

Monday morning as Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral begins, Much of central London has come to a standstill. Across the shopping centre – the Union Jack-decorated section linking Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square – crowds have gathered overnight in hopes of at least seeing the parade. Many who arrived later, after the road was full, were filtered through the green park, placing flowers in neat rows of tributes and bouquets, which have been in bloom since the Queen’s death on September 8.

However, when the Queen walked through the palace for the last time – followed by King Charles III and members of the royal family, in a large crowd of service staff and music An evocative funeral march in the home’s performance – an eerie silence descends as mourners offer their own humble tribute to Her Majesty the Queen. Some bowed their heads or curtseys, while others chose to applaud, but cautiously. Others throw flower stems on the road as the parade departs from the palace to Hyde Park Corner – old gun carriage to hearse.

Stiff upper lip left at home. Tears and lumps in the throat were commonplace, and the real sadness was palpable in the crowd just a stone’s throw from Her Majesty’s most palatial residence. When the grand time was over, an almost overwhelming feeling of relief came. Britons who have witnessed it know what a momentous moment this is for their country, even as all eyes turn to the pomp and the final salute to its longest-reigning monarch.

However, the country now finds itself in the midst of a cost of living crisis In two weeks into a new prime ministerial term, many have questioned the royal family’s purpose – especially the taxpayer-funded extravaganza that comes with it. Yet the people here (who, of course, are likely to have royalist tendencies) take great pride in the grandeur and organization on display. “It’s something no other country can or can’t do. In a day like today, being British does make you very proud,” said another audience member, who was there with her grown daughter.

For many, however, it was a day about women. A daughter, a sister, a grandmother – a “Gan Gan”. The Queen’s grief at the loss of a figure so omnipresent in the lives of most Britons is, for many, a reminder of the loss of a loved one. “She was like everyone’s grandmother”, a much-touted phrase after her death that echoed across the British Isles. As the modern Elizabethan era comes to a sad, official end, there is a moment of serenity in London that we will never see again.


Shot by Sam Gregg

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Photographed by Sam Gregg


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