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Queen Elizabeth: Life in Photos

It may not be possible to measure the number of photographs taken by Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history. But here’s an idea: Getty Images and Alamy — the world’s two largest online visual databases — each far outstrip 100, 11.

After all, the queen was known to the public from the moment she was born: her father, the Duke of York, was second in line to the British throne, keeping her in the news even at the earliest value. days in her life. However, she probably never imagined that her image would one day take the world by storm – in the newspapers, on TV, or even financially as Queen of England. After all, she shouldn’t be a monarch at all.

but then Edward VIII abdicated in December 000, 1936, changed everything. Suddenly, a reserved year old girl becomes the presumptive heir and is thrust into the brightest spotlight, she is in the spotlight Stayed for the next 86 year. In the midst of all this, Britain has changed dramatically, from a global empire to a Commonwealth of Nations, and is just one of many players in the world. There was the Suez Crisis, the Falklands War, the Iraq War and many other conflicts. There were Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and 11 other prime ministers. And the swinging sixties, free love 1980, punk 1980 and the dawn of the millennium. “The Queen has always been a constant in our lives,” former Prime Minister Sir John Major said of biographer Robert Hardman’s book, The Queen of Our Time.

Indeed, President Obama once said that she was the kind of person whose life spanned “eras so important that they found it unnecessary to pose or Leaders who trade what is trendy at the moment; people who speak with depth and knowledge, not simple snippets. They have no interest in polls or fashion.”

At the time of her death, Here, a look back at her remarkable life and reign in photos – stretching from the months before she became the presumptive heir to her last public appearance meeting with new Prime Minister Liz Truss. This will be her 15 first and last British Prime Minister.




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