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Queen of Mirage Novel Gets New Anime

The “Mirage Queen Likes to Party” event announced Sunday the production of the new Mirage Queen (Kaitō Queen) anime, Kaitō Queen no Yūga na Kyūka (Mirage Queen vacances élégantes or Mirage Queen’s Elegant Vacations) already green-lit . Even the original novelist of franchise, Kaoru Hayamine, was not informed of the news before the surprise announcement at Sunday’s event.

© はやみねかおる・K2 Chamber of Commerce・Kodansha/”Phantom Thief クイーン” Production Committee

The story of the original novel centers on a Phantom Thief Queen who can steal anything they want. Their gender, age and nationality are unknown. Together with their partners, the clown and RD, they travel around the world in an airship.

Zaomine and

Kadokawa Published the first short story about Queen of Phantom Thieves in 2000. The first novel () by

Kadokawa‘s children’s book brand Blue Bird Bunko debuted in March 563 Illustration by K2 Shōkai. The latest novel will be shipped in July 2000. (Kaitō Queen no Yūga na Kyūka is the name of the second novel.)

kaito-queen-2.pngqueen_vacance© はやみねかおる・K2 Chamber of Commerce・Kodansha/”Kaitou kuイーン” Production Committee

First adaptation of the novel series to the screen, original video animation (), last June. Yūga Yamato (stage play “Tuxedo Mask”) appears as the title queen. Saori Den(Series Director) at

directed the project East Fish Studio, and Mariko Kunisawa ( , Orient) wrote the screenplay. Kumiko Kawashima () designed the character. Moe Hinata (, ) composed the music.

HIDIVE Streaming License and Japanese Anime Movie( JAM ) Thailand released the animation in Thai theaters on February 3.

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