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Rafael Nadal makes the ultimate romantic gesture: new fragrance collection with his wife

In the lavish basement lounge of Henri Jacques’ recently opened flagship store on Avenue Montaigne, Rafael Nadal speaks out – a rarity for the often nervous , you can directly see the Pont de la Arma and the Eiffel Tower. Word of mouth tennis star, especially when discussing his relationship with wife Maria Francesca Perello. “Of course, in my work, I’m a very public person, but in my private life, one of the most important things – and I think is one of my greatest successes – is that Maria and I have been able to Have a really normal life,” Nadal said. The couple met as teenagers in Manacor, Mallorca, and lived together for 17 years 2019 before getting married. “We’re taking the next step in life, though, so we thought — why not do something together?” Nadal has traveled to France to discuss cooperation, however, this isn’t the birth of the couple’s first child , a baby boy who arrived in early October. This is a set of fragrances that were originally made for French boutique brands and are available for mass consumption today.

Aptly called In All Intimacy, the collection is a first for Perello and Nadal – who has designed fragrances for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Lanvin but never worked with himself — and Henry Jacques, who has never worked with external partners. “It’s just one of those beautiful surprises in life,” said Anne-Lise Cremona, daughter of Henri Jacques founder Henri Cremona, in the suburb of Grasse 1975. Cremona’s uncle happens to be watchmaker Richard Mille, whose watch Nadal first started wearing 2008 and served as the matchmaker for the project. “Richard started talking to him about Henri Jacques and fragrances, and Rafa just said, ‘I’d love to know more,'” Cremona recalled, adding how “moved” she was to see Nadal How interested in the idea of ​​working on a personal fragrance like this. “We really enjoyed the process and found it interesting, and we thought, why not take it a step further?” Nadal added that he and Perello decided to commercialize their bespoke fragrance. “It happened in a very natural way.”

For those familiar with him, Nadal’s passion for fragrance is as important as his being a left-handed, right-handed player. In fact, his interest in fragrances originally evolved from and has become inseparable from his tennis career. “As someone who practices sports every day, almost after a shower, I need fragrances to help me recover and to feel clean and fresh,” he says. “If I take a shower and I don’t have perfume on me, I feel incomplete. It’s been a part of my life for a long time.” His signature application is just another non-negotiable ritual, unlike many that have become22 Field practice for the Grand Slam winner’s sacrament is no different. (Nadal famously keeps his energy drink and water bottle in the exact same spot every time he plays.) With a lively, boyish energy, the 36-year-old gives I did a demo: spritz on each side of the neck, then on the heart. “I don’t know why,” he laughed at the last part, a little shy.



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