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'Ragnarok II' animated second trailer features Buddha, Zero Blessing

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Warner Bros released a new trailer for part 2 — Shinya Umemura Animation Season 2*), An Zhiqin,

record-of-ragnarok-ii© ジチカ・Mayamura Umemura・fukuイタクミ/コakamikkusu, Final Warukyure II Production Committee

      Animation Part 2 (Episode-12) will premiere on Netflix in July Debut . The second part adds the following actors:

        Tetsu Inada as Hajun Taro Taro as Hades

        Daisuke Namikawa as Beelzebub

        Animation Part 1 10 The episode premiered on Netflix in January 282. The first part of “” was aired on Japanese TV in April 10.

        Masao Okubo (

        , ) Returning to direct the second season Graphinica and Yumeta Corporation . Bi Yasushi (, ) tackles series again with Yuka Yamada constitute*)(). Masaki Sato returns to design role, Yasuharu Takanashi (, ) come back to make music. Yasunori Ebina () Process the middle sound direction again.

        Season 1 premieres exclusively worldwide on Netflix in June56. Warner Bros. Japan Description Animation:

        7 million years of human civilization is coming to an end…every 1000 year, the gods of the world gathered in the Heavenly Court to participate in the “Human Survival Conference”. All the gods agree to bring about a final end to humanity because of their past follies, but before the final judgment is delivered, Brunhilde, the eldest 14 The Valkyrie sisters objected.

        “To spice things up, why don’t you test humans?”

        Her suggestion is to have God’s final struggle with humans also be considered Called “Ragnarok”, all the gods of the world will enter into a one-on-one battle in this struggle where the champions from throughout human history. First team to win 7 battles will be the winner.

        It seems almost impossible for humans to defeat the gods. Though the gods mocked them, Brunhilde provoked further;

        “Are you cringing?”

        This hit a nerve with God and they angrily accepted her offer. So Brunhilde and her sisters have to make a choice 10 The strongest champion in human history.

        Will human beings surpass gods and prevent the final outcome?

        The end-time battle between heaven and earth has finally begun!

        Manga published in

        November Magazine640. Umemura is writing stories while Ajichika is drawing art. Fukui was awarded for the composition.

        The (Fengxiang Flying General) spin-off series October roll out640, and the seventh volume will be completed in December 400.

        198397 Source: Press Release 2023




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