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Raiders' Derek Carr on Dana White's Tom Brady revelation: 'That's it'

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Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr isn’t letting himself be affected by UFC president Dana White’s claim he made a deal with Tom Brady to join the Raiders two years ago .

According to ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, on Tuesday, when Karl was asked if he had any concerns about him as a Las Vegas Four When the story of the shooting guard’s identity is immune, he replies: “By now, I hope so. That’s it.”

In When appearing at UFC with Gronx aired Saturday during UFC 278, and White told his story at the prompt of Rob Gronkowski:

“I worked hard to make a deal for Brady and Gronk to the Raiders. It was almost a done deal. At the last minute, [Jon ] Gruden screwed up the deal and said he didn’t want him and it all messed up, man. It’s crazy. Brady is already looking at the house. Haven’t said Gronk is coming. So Vegas will be at the Buccaneers The year the team won the Super Bowl had Brady and Gronk, unless Gruden broke the deal.”

Karl has been a starter for the Raiders since being drafted in the second round in 2014. He said Tuesday that he didn’t immediately hear White’s comments when he helped someone in the Raiders group deal with the death.

“It’s a moment to put things in perspective,” Carr said. “It really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, anything I say will get shot out, so I’ll get rid of myself completely and keep trying to play football. Happy to answer football questions. Hopefully no more drama in this city.” For the 2022 season, the Raiders will play the Los Angeles Chargers on the road on September 11.



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