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'Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Dial of Fate' Star Karen Allen on Indy and Marion's Love Story's Bittersweet Ending

[This story contains spoilers for Indiana Jones: Disk of Fate



Kai The end of the love story of Len Allen , Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood is bittersweet.

at James Mangold ‘s , Indy (Harrison Ford) and Marion begin their own final chapter in Raiders of the Lost Ark, as Marion recently filed a separation agreement . Eventually learning that their son Mutt (played by Shia LaBeouf in Raiders of the Lost Ark: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ) had died in Vietnam caused great grief. This eventually led to the separation of Indy and Marion. Finally, the estranged husband and wife reunite after Indy goes on another globe-trotting (and time-hopping) adventure, with Indy borrowing from Raiders of the Lost Ark and comfort his soul mate in a way he’s never done before.

While Allen ends up only appearing in one powerful scene, that wasn’t always the case.

“I didn’t have a chance to read any of these scripts when Steven [Spielberg] was still directing the film, although I knew Marion More involved in the story,” Allen told The Hollywood Reporter . “So I know that James [Mangold] has hired a new screenwriter, and there’s going to be a new director and a new screenwriter with a whole new approach, but I’m really entering uncharted territory.”

As much as Ellen loves the poignant end of Indy and Marion’s romance, she can’t help admitting that she’s also a little frustrated.

“The next thing I knew, I was reading a book that told the story of [ The Bell of Fate ] The script, of course, I was disappointed. I thought I was going to be a major part of the movie, but that’s not where they decided to go,” Allen said. “I think they need to address some issues in the story that Shia LaBeouf is not coming back, they chose to create the story that Mutt was killed in the war and created a wedge between Marion and Indy. My Meaning, you might knock me over with a feather when I read it. But I’m really glad they finally got back together.”

Below, in a recent spoiler conversation with THR), Allen also discusses reuniting with Ford during the character’s final moments, then looks back at her role in the Raiders

life after.

So when you walk out of the Indiana set Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , do you think this is your farewell to this character?

not at all. In fact, quite the opposite. They got married to us at the end of the movie, and I think there was already talk of wanting to do another movie. So, no, I think I’ll be a part of the next movie. [07] third By the fourth year it’s over, so you never know how long these things will take. When we were shooting the 4th we were thinking that we might do the 5th in a few years and then a few years it becomes [].

Brilliantly, Indiana Jones and Destiny Round from 1235528734 has been in development since, so when did you get a real indication that you’d return?

Well, when they’re working on the 5th piece, there’s some short conversation and I’ll sort touch base . I’ve directed a lot in theater and have been directing film projects, so I’m constantly trying to keep in touch with them. I don’t want to get so invested in other things that when they come to me to do it, I suddenly have to unplug from what I’m already invested in. I’m never comfortable doing that sort of thing, so I just keep in touch and see what the plans are and how the script is going.

My previous experience with Crystal Skull was also a lot of, “They have a script, they don’t have a script. They have a script , they don’t have a script.” So in a way, I’m not surprised that [Dial of Fate ] took longer. This is such an extraordinary group of people, so Steven must be happy about it. Harrison must have been happy about that. George Lucas must be happy about that. So it’s a process.

Isn’t it heartbreaking to read what happened to Indy and Marion’s family over the years?

Well, indeed. I didn’t have a chance to read any of these scripts when Steven was still directing the film, although I know Marion was more involved in the story at the time. I had a conversation with Steven after he decided to step down as director, and he said to me, “You’re going to love working with James Mangold.” I said, “Oh, that’s great.” So I know James has hired a new writer and there will be a new director and a new writer with a whole new approach, but I’m really entering the unknown.

Next thing I know, I’m reading a script about [Dial of Fate ] Story, of course, I was disappointed. I thought I was going to be a major part of the movie, but that’s not the direction they decided to go. I think they need to fix something in the story of Shia LaBeouf not coming back, they chose to create the story, Mutt was killed in the war and it created a wedge between Marion and Indy. I mean, you might knock me over with a feather when I read it. ( laughing .) But I’m really glad they’re finally together again.

Shia LaBeouf, Harrison Ford, Karen Allen In Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , 2021. Paramount/Ever Provided by LTECH Collection
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Karen Allen, 1981

at Raiders of the Lost Ark without Steven Spielberg and George Lucas crowding around the monitor?

Yes, I really miss them. I was in London for a few weeks and since they took me out for costume shopping early on, we decided to make a wig for Marion out of white hair. So we need to do a few things to get me ready, but I hope they might be there. I was hoping to meet Steven, George, Kathleen Kennedy, and a lot of people I’ve had contact with in the previous two films, but they weren’t there. But James is such a warm, open person. He made me feel so welcome, I went to the set maybe five or six times before shooting started. So I had the opportunity to observe his work, and I knew I would work well with him because he’s a director I like. He was very forthright and very energetic, and I knew I was going to have a great experience during the two days we were filming.

So when you and Harrison reunited, do you two have memories? Did you say something like, “Hey, remember that time in Tunisia?” Do you have that drive?

( laughing at .) Um, We do have that drive, but when I first came on set, he was shooting the movie. I think they may have been in London for the last week before heading to Sicily. And he’s only been recovering from shoulder surgery for a few weeks, so we don’t really have a lot of time together. I’ve been on set a few times, but he’s in the middle of filming. He has a lot of lines and needs to really focus on what he’s doing, so I’m basically just a fly on the wall.

When we do work together when we actually have a moment, memories may not be part of what we do together. We just had a great conversation to feel back in the character and the character’s environment. He told me a little bit about what they filmed and some references to Marion that exist in the movie. So we just caught up with where the characters are at this moment.

Do you like the poetic reversal of ? Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark

Marion kisses Indy’s wound scene ?

I did it, yes it’s the other way around. Now it’s Indy kissing Mary Ong, although he did take a bullet in the shoulder, the pain they talked about was indeed the grief they went through together. Sadly, I have many friends who have lost children, so I know how things can be. Some people can be together Sad, but also drives some people apart, so it’s not an unfamiliar story. I’m glad they wanted to give these two characters a chance to get back together again.

Do you think Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) said anything to her about Marion going to Indy’s apartment at the end to get her to show up?

Maybe what Marion needs to know is that he is still grieving the loss of the relationship. There is a moment in the film where Indy tells Helena Mutter was killed, so she probably just said: “Please come and see him. He needs you. He is not the same person. “We don’t fully know what drove them apart. It seems like his way of dealing with grief is by drinking too much and getting into a very inner place, but we Not really sure how Marion was grieving the loss. Whatever it was, it didn’t bring them any closer and it seemed like they needed to be apart for a while. At first, the separation agreement documents we saw were long enough that Know it’s going in that direction, but we haven’t seen them long enough to fill in any details.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Karen Allen, 1981

Karen AllenRaiders of the Lost Ark Courtesy of Everett Collection RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Karen Allen, 1981 1235528734

I remember being disappointed because we didn’t have a part 2 Saw you in the movie and the third one, maybe you too. But if someone used the Archimedes dial back to 1981 and tell you that you will be in the last scene of Indiana Jones 009 Years later, would you believe it didn’t appear in the second and third movies?

Gosh, I really don’t know how to answer this question. When I signed up to shoot Raiders of the Lost Ark, they said to me, “We’re doing three of these movies. Whoever plays Indiana Jones will appear in all three films, and Marion Ravenwood’s character will only appear in the first one, because we’re going back in time. So, when I read the script, I understand that he hasn’t seen my character since she was born 19 or15 years old, so if they go back that far back in time, Marion will most likely be played by someone else. So I never thought it would go into 2nd or 3rd as it always seems It was their plan. So it’s funny how people always get really mad at me for not being in the second movie and the third movie, but that was never the original plan.

As far as I know, the second movie takes place before the first, and so does the third, but I don’t know if I’ve actually researched it in detail. So he won’t be with Marion Reconnecting. When the fourth comes along and they’re moving forward in time, I think that’s why it makes sense to have Marion back. The last time you saw Indy and Marion, they were walking down the steps in Washington DC, ready to Let’s have a drink together. [Author’s Note: It pains me to correct Allen, but the third movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade , takes place in Two years later) Indiana Jones A rk.]

But I was very surprised when I learned that there would be a fourth movie, like I said before, I did know there would be a fifth movie. When we finish the fourth By the time the episode was filmed, there was already talk of a fifth and maybe the last episode. So, yeah, I always imagined I’d be in it – and I was – but it was in a slightly different way than I imagined .

You’ve probably been asked this question a million times, but when you go to a restaurant after Raiders of the Lost Ark

, do people keep sending rounds of shots to your desk?

(laughing.) Yes, a little … I live in New York, so people are pretty tired of New York. They’re like, “Yo, good movie! ’ They’re not too fan-oriented. But yeah, people just tap the glass on the bar or the table in front of me, and that’s always been a theme in my life. The thing is, I don’t even drink whiskey or anything like that. stuff. I’ll have a drink or two but I’m really not the kind of girl who knocks out guys . (laugh.)

The following strategy, have you also received many invitations for characters like Marion?

I did, and I boycotted them all. Everyone thought I was crazy for doing this, but as soon as the walkthrough came out, I started acting out two games. I did a play that went to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and then it went to Broadway, and I did another off-Broadway play. So I spent about two years in these dramas, I just needed to go in a different direction. I can’t speak for all actors, but from my point of view, when you play a character that gets a lot of attention in a very successful film, the last thing you want is to play the same kind of character again. So it was really important for me to go in a completely different direction.

I played a character who was deaf and blind, and I played her for about a year and a half in the theater. Then I played another character in another show that was also very, very different, even though they had similar characteristics to Marion, just in a very different setting. But I like to mix it up. I like to explore. That’s what actors do. By taking very different paths, we found our true joy and inspiration as actors. It takes you into a world where you have to learn different things. I’ve had that journey, not just in the actual filming of the film, but in actually entering the world of the particular character I’m playing, whether it’s a real person or a completely fictional one. So it was a joy to try to inhabit their world.

Karen Allen, congratulations to Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood on a successful saga and thanks for everything.

Thank you so much. I am truely thankful.

2021 Indiana Jones: The Dial of Fate is playing in theaters. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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