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Rainn Wilson on Why He Was 'Very Unhappy' on 'The Office'

Rainn WilsonReview of the filming process

Office and shared why he felt “mostly unhappy” at the time.

Interviewed by Bill Maher on Maher’s Club Random

podcast, Wilson stars in this sitcom Dwight Schrute, who was on season nine, explained that he spent “a couple of years” on the show unhappy because it felt like “not enough.”

“When I was in the office

I spent several years, most of the Both were unhappy because it wasn’t enough,” Wilson told Maher. “That’s what I’m seeing now, and I realize now, like, I’m on a hit show, getting Emmy nominations every year, making a lot of money, with Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer I work with John Krasinski et al. Great writers like Paul Feig and great directors. I’m on a great TV show. People love it. And I’m not enjoying it.

He went on to explain that he was eager for a successful film career at the time: “I was thinking, ‘Why am I not a movie star? Why am I not the next Jack Black or The next Will Ferrell? Why can’t I have a movie business? Why don’t I have this development deal?'”

He later added, “When I was in The Office, I cling on, well, I’m making hundreds of thousands. I want millions, I’m a TV star , but I want to be a movie star. It’s never enough.”

During the interview, Maher also admitted to Wilson that he was a member of The Office Fans

he is, noting that at the end of the day laughing while watching tapes of his show at the time almost felt “therapeutic.”

“I think it’s really funny that you use the word ‘treatment’ because I can’t tell you how many times a day you hear people say ‘thank you’ online and in person for The office

that brought laughter to me, my family, and healed us during this pandemic,” Wilson said.

He noted that when he originally signed up for the show, he was more concerned with being able to buy a house and “didn’t think about laughter as a therapy” for the injured The populace offered comfort and ointments.

“What an honor to be a part of something like this,” he said of the show’s impact now.

In May, Wilson debuted his peacock show,

Rainn Wilson and Bliss Geography , in which he “traversed the globe in search of the secrets to the happiest societies on Earth.” Earlier this year, he also published his book Soul Flourishing: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution .




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