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Rakuten's Bikkuri-Man snack gets new animation for original story

Japanese confectionery company Rakuten announced on Saturday that its line of wafer snacks will be getting a new movie titled cartoon. The animation will feature a “completely original story”. manga creator Hiroyuki Takei is drafting the original character design, he drew Trailer below:
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The visual tagline reads, “This is the Reiwa Era.”

The announcement coincides with Japan’s “Day” (April 1st). Characters from the new animation will appear on collectible stickers on treat packaging. The product’s website is running a teaser video featuring Takei’s designs for Yamato, Ushiwaka, Jack, and Phoenix.

Snacks have been a huge success in Japan because of their 1987 After their launch, they inspired various tie-ins, including five TV anime and two movies. The original TV animation premiered on 1987.

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