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Ralph Lauren Resort 2024

Ralph Lauren is considering pink for resorts. Not the ubiquitous Barbie pink in this season’s collection, with Margot Robbie’s movie finally coming out next month, but ballerina pink.

Like barbie nubs, ballet nubs are another TikTok trend, but it’s safe to say that Lauren’s design instincts haven’t been swayed by the social media platform. He has 18 years of archives to refer to when he’s looking for inspiration. make it happen

. Five years ago this past September, Lauren celebrated his label’s half-centenary, making one wonder if he had some big plans for New York Fashion Week.

This series is clearly Ralph’s style, emphasizing classics. – American cut. First up was a ballerina pink double-breasted pantsuit with a crewneck sweater. Then there was a masculine tailoring coat with exaggerated peak lapels in the same muted color; that was unlikely but worked, as did the tweed blazer he wore with a skirt trimmed with feathers.

The dancer costume echoes the cut of the wrap sweater with the matching spaghetti slip and the knitted dress with the pleated skirt and trompe l’oeil neckline, while the thin The yarn (the material of tutus) is gradient dyed and sewn in layers to create a beautiful party dress. Long skirts are as stylish as corsets.

The collection’s sporty style was balanced with an emphasis on handcrafted work, a recurring theme in Lauren’s recent outings. The frock coat in appearance 16 has been carefully antiqued to look like it has been worn for many years, and the three-piece suit (jacket, bustier) in appearance

clothes and jeans) is hand-painted denim. The faded blooms appeared later on several flowy, sheer dresses. The overall impression here is one of ease. Very good antidote for heavy hours.

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