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Rams QB Matthew Stafford, Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw recover from same elbow injury this past offseason

Did you know that Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw were childhood friends? Of course you did. Everyone knows.

What you may not actually know is that the Rams’ star quarterback and the Dodgers’ All-Star pitcher had nearly the same injuries this past offseason, they Both are in time for the highly anticipated season. Two old friends, same injuries, same positive results.

After an offseason filled with questions about his right elbow, Stafford went 100 percent into tonight’s kickoff game against the Bills. Stafford, who has been diagnosed with a condition affecting a tendon called “throwing elbow”, has now ended a six-month rehab aimed at making his The elbows are strong enough to withstand the rigors of this season.

Stafford recently described himself as “without any limitations,” and that’s because he’s actually in less pain now than he was last season, sources said. So did his buddy from Highland Park, Texas, who went 7-3 with a 2.62 ERA and had another great season. Kershaw has been in IL but has a problem with his waist, not his elbow.

Last October, Kershaw revealed that he received a PRP injection in his left flexor tendon, the only treatment he was willing to receive. So did Stafford, who had PRP injections in a similar area, as well as a non-surgical procedure that involved healing the elbow.

Kershaw is ready for the season, as expected. As for Stafford, he’s passed his toughest hurdle — training camp. A team’s preparation is so reliant on the quarterback’s pitching that Stafford’s ease with his arms could change the offense’s setup.

That’s why the Rams let Stafford go late in training camp, so it won’t interfere with their preparations for the season. They don’t want to add unnecessary throws or take away reps from others.

By late August, the six-month rehabilitation was over. He announced it himself earlier this week, with coach Sean McVeigh saying he would “have no hesitation” if Stafford needed to throw 50 times.



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