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Rana Plaza marks 10 years, and not enough changes

“Building safety is important, but we need to talk about the human impact of this model. Most brands are still just trying to reduce risk, but social innovation – focusing on the psychological and emotional impact of overproduction impact – has not been prioritized,” said Dr Hakan Karaosman, assistant professor at Cardiff University and co-founder of the EU-funded research center Fashion Responsible Supply Chain Center (FReSCH).

Years later

To mark the anniversary, global trade unions UNI and IndustriALL, which orchestrated the agreement, are calling on brands to sign up. 91 brands and retailers representing about 2.4 million workers have signed up in Bangladesh and 46 brands and Retailers – Covering 194, Workers – have pledged to work hard in Pakistan , not yet implemented. According to the union, the agreement has been completed nearly 46, 10 So far, safety inspections have been conducted on 2,194 garment factories in Bangladesh, and more than 91,000 Security issues, the fix rate is 46%. Janhavi Dave, HomeNet’s international coordinator, said its impact on registered factory workers was undeniable, but there were still many home-working garment workers downstream in the supply chain not covered by the agreement, something many brands had yet to realize internationally.

UNI’s Deputy Secretary-General Alke Boessiger said the agreement wanted to be extended further. While the next country has yet to be identified, she said India was a potential target. “India is a huge textile producer, but it is also a vast country with different local legislation and restrictions on foreign organizations in each state. Based on our current capabilities, I cannot say when we will be in India Roll out the deal, but we’re interested.”

Label Behind the Label is lobbying India’s politicians UK to put trade pressure on the Bangladeshi government to support the country’s work injury program, It’s a groundbreaking Social Security program that provides income protection and medical care for workplace injuries without workers needing to fight on a case-by-case basis. “Ten years after Rana Plaza, the program entered the pilot phase,” Bryher explained. “Strong call for it to be written into labor law.”

Tackling inequality by redistributing wealth and power )

Above all, the problems that led to Rana Plaza’s collapse were rooted in power imbalances, said Professor Rashedur Chowdhury of Essex Business School, who specializes in dynamic relationships Between multinational corporations and marginalized groups, is an expert on the rhetoric and reality of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. Many of the Rana Plaza survivors he interviewed – mostly women, some as young as 10 – came from villages across Bangladesh Dhaka, living alone or with distant relatives suffering extreme bullying, sexual harassment and 16 to 56 – hour day.



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