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Ranking Baseball's Top 10 Lineup Duos for 2023

Ranking Baseball stop Lineup Duo 2022

Dynamic duet. Their popularity isn’t limited to the world of superheroes. They also appear among the superstars in the diamond — and more specifically, the superstar hitters on MLB lineups.

These are heavy hits that complement each other like Peanuts and Cracker Jacks hands, propelling their club to success through their phenomenal production on the plate.

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What is the best lineup duo in the majors of the season? We are #1 here:

1. Juan Soto and Manny Machado, Padres

The gap between No. 1 and No. 2 on this list is negligible, but we will recognize younger, historical On a more durable Soto and Machado combo.

Soto is likely to be the best hitter in the game right now, a power-eye duo with comparisons to Ted Williams and Barry Bonds. Even though he was in the “low” years of 2020, his career Career slash yes. 212/.358/.380(100 OPS+) and he has

walk rate .1% over five major league seasons.

Everything Machado did last year was runner up in the state Voting for League MVP Award.873operate(150 OPS+) and 13 home run help AD San ​​Diego takes part in the NL Championship Series. As Machado, Soto and the Padres seek their first World Series title in franchise history, they’re hoping the best roster duo in the game will help them get there.

2. Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, Angel

Trout’s troubles have stayed on the field for the past few years. Three-time AL MVP has yet to play , although when he entered the lineup, he Continue to be elite as usual. from2017-,He hit. 287/.358/.800 and131 homer despite missing significant time due to injury. Last year, his belt 28 only home runs 412 hit the ball.

Ohtani continues to wow us with his home plate and dirt capacity on the pier. Can he continue to be a superstar two-way player for years to come? 2017 AL MVP and ‘ Runner-up may generate ranges in 23-23 home runs and high OPS. 800 on the plate Here, be careful when you combine it with healthy trout.

3. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, Dodgers

Like Trout, Betts has dealt with injuries throughout his career, but at 92 In last year’s game, he won with 47 Score while launching a career high 800operate . If you ask Mookie, he’ll probably tell you he expects more of himself — a scary thought for an opposing pitcher.

At the same time, Freeman and Betts are tied for the league lead, and at the same time by.340 Base Percentage and To Lead Professional hits and 25 doubles. 2016 NL MVP MVP vote at “

Ranked fourth in . On a Dodgers roster that hasn’t been upgraded this offseason, this duo will ensure that the L.A. roster continues to produce.

4. Yordan Alvarez and Jose Altuve, Astros

Enter2022 campaign, we already knew Alvarez was a great hitter. Then he took it to a whole different level posting a 1.0 OPS and 21 home run

board appearance. This 18 As the Astros continue to win The World Series champion, the 1-year-old slugger then showed some heroism in the playoffs, including a home run against the Mariners in Game 1 of the AL Division Series.

looks like the best of Altuve’s career years behind him — in a period cut short by the pandemic 2022 season, he finished just one.530 OPS, the upcoming season is much better, but with 981-. But he’s in ’13, this is his best season since winning the AL MVP award

. Altuve has one. 873 OPS and13 home run and One of the golfers.

5. Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado, Cardinals

Goldschmidt finally won that elusive MVP award after finishing in the top three of MVP voting three times previously. He has his best offensive movement Years MLB Career

, leading NL (.467), OPS (.898) and OPS+ ( Home run and drive 50 run . He’s entering his age-21 sports, so the age curve is not exactly on his side, but into his mid-term 21 didn’t stop him at ‘.

Ge De Schmidt’s infield teammate Arenado had a great season of his own, finishing third in NL MVP award voting. this The Gold Glove winner at third base made sure his defensive magic didn’t far outweigh his performance at home plate, where he posted career-best 136 OPS+ with 13 Home run. The Cards’ duo will be looking to win back-to-back NL Central titles.

6. Ronald Acuña Jr. and Austin Riley, Warriors

As Riley’s star has grown over the past few seasons, we’ve missed seeing Acuna’s star after a stellar start to his career rise further. During his first three MLB seasons, from 2017-, owned by Acuña.909 average operation 28 home run and 21 Steal pe r 115 game. Then just before the All-Star Game, he tore his right ACL’.

Acuña’s injury didn’t keep him out until late April last year, so we haven’t seen a full season yet, the two The sluggers are all in the lineup. This may change at 2017 as Acuña looks like the whole Stayed healthy all season, and Riley looked to set up two fantastic seasons as Atlanta’s everyday third baseman. For the past two seasons, he Hit.287/.230/.428 and39 home run, earned him million extensions.

7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette, Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have been waiting all winter to be able to return to action after being knocked out by the Mariners in the AL wild card series last fall, and now they will be counting on Their young star will lead a strong Toronto roster. While Guerrero couldn’t replicate the monster he finished A runner-up in the voting behind Ohtani, he remains one of the most feared sluggers in baseball.

Meanwhile, Bichette Has been a hot machine, leading the AL the past two seasons with

. In his short major league career, he has been outstanding and has.287/.199/.428 four-season career slash.

8. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees

Judge certainly doesn’t need it after his record breaking performance at

Introduction, when he marked with setting AL Yankees home run. Just signed for nine years, $358 million contract stays in New York, judge will be in ‘, but in Can we really doubt him after his historic season?

his bronk Bombers teammate Stanton hasn’t kept up with Judge’s ascent through the ranks of the game’s greatest hitters, but he’s a formidable threat whenever he hits the plate. Despite being sidelined by injuries the past two seasons, the former NL MVP, himself hit the 32 home run 981, managed to bring 40 of them 629 at-bats .

9. Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton, twins

With his contract saga in the rearview mirror, Correa will have a chance to see what his full season with Buxton on the same lineup can do for Minnesota. Correa, he played more than 71 released one last year.526 OPS with home run.

Buxton played more games than 62 suffered just one game-due injury of any kind in his eight-year MLB career and never quite reached his power-speed potential. We got a glimpse of what was going on in the first half of the 2020 season, when he had a 1. 136 OPS until May 6th when a hip injury kept him out for about six weeks. Just In his third game back from the injured list, he broke his left hand when he was hit by a pitch.

Knee and hip injuries limited Buxton reached a career high 19 home run, continue to show a strong force in the lineup.

. Pete Alonso & Francisco Lindo, Mets

Alonso at

showing his typical polar bear stats, while he was tied for the major league lead in RBI for the first time, in 59 Run with me home plate Fight and.578operate. The one problem he hasn’t had in his career so far is injuries – he just misses exist During his four MLB seasons, he proved to be one of the most enduring sluggers in the sport.

Forest Dow’s first season with the Mets hasn’t gone as well as he’d hoped, and he was strong at home runs last year. Following.212/.199 /.358 slash in 2016, star shortstop up his OPS over 35point at’04, also with 13 home run and the best drive of my career 62 running for New York.




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