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Ranking the 10 Worst MLB Contracts on the Books for Next Year

Nick Castellanos

Nick CastellanosRich Schultz/Getty Images

RF Nick Castellanos, Philadelphia Phillies

The first two rounds of this year’s playoffs were a reminder of how dangerous Castellanos is when he gets hot. But after two seasons, all he has to show for his five-year, $100 million contract is 1.5 rWAR.

LHP Patrick Corbin, Washington Nationals

Corbin has led the National League in losses in each of the last three seasons and has otherwise posted minus-1.6 rWAR over the last four. Mercifully, though, the 2024 season will bring an end to his six-year, $140 million deal.

3B Yoán Moncada, Chicago White Sox

Moncada was fresh off a star-making 2019 season when the White Sox extended him for $70 million over five years in March 2020. He had a good year in 2021, but has otherwise fallen short of even 1.0 rWAR in the other three years of the deal so far.

RHP Jameson Taillon, Chicago Cubs

Taillon was basically a league-average pitcher in 2021 and 2022, so it was a surprise when the Cubs signed him for $68 million over four years. Whatever they were hoping for, they didn’t get it as he posted a career-low minus-0.1 rWAR this year.

LF/DH Masataka Yoshida, Boston Red Sox

Yoshida started the ’23 season out by silencing doubters of his five-year, $90 million contract by hitting .320 through July 25. But then he hit just .233 the rest of the way and was generally so bad on defense that he ultimately only managed 1.4 rWAR.



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