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Ravens, Lamar Jackson fail to reach extension: QB races on fifth-year option of rookie deal

The Baltimore Ravens were unable to reach an extension on Lamar Jackson because Friday was Jackson’s own set deadline to finalize a long-term contract. Jackson will participate in the 2022 season with the fifth-year option on his rookie contract, fully guaranteed $23,016,000.

“Despite the best efforts of both parties, we were unable to reach a contract extension with Lamar Jackson,” Ravens general manager Eric De Costa said in a statement. “We are very grateful for the way he handled this process and we are excited about the team that Lamar has led. After the season we will continue to work towards a long-term contract, but now we are looking forward to success in 2022.”

Speaking late Friday afternoon about the contract situation, Ravens coach John Harbaugh made sure Jackson would remain with the Ravens beyond the season. Just because the two sides failed to agree on an extension, doesn’t mean the conversation between the Ravens and Jackson has evaporated.

“I believe that’s going to happen by then. Lamar is going to be here at quarterback for a long time,” Harbaugh told reporters. “He and I talked about it yesterday, ‘Hey man, let’s be the best and focus on football.’ That’s what he’s been doing.”

Jackson this week Said earlier that he won’t talk about contracts at tee-off — not worried about the risk of playing without a guaranteed long-term deal.

“I’m not thinking about any injuries, or Something like that. I just played last season and I feel good this season,” Jackson said. “I don’t even want to put it in the atmosphere.

” Last season, the year before, it was quite a risk. I wasn’t thinking about contract negotiations at the time. This season, it’s going to be the same thing, but I’m just playing football. Anything can happen, but God forbid the wrong thing to happen, I put God first and play like I always do. “

Jackson – on his own behalf – only revealed that the Ravens hadn’t guaranteed him $250 million at the end of August. When asked how the talks were going on Wednesday and whether he was closer to a contract , he replied to ask the general manager (De Costa).

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Given Jackson’s accolades as a starting quarterback, the Ravens are taking a risk not to give Jackson one Baltimore has a 37-12 starter record with Jackson since Jackson became the starting quarterback in Week 11 of the 2018 season. Jackson is also the first player in NFL history to record 35 regular-season wins before turning 25. Quarterback. Since becoming a Ravens starter, he has completed 64.2 percent of his passes for 9,880 yards, 83 touchdowns and 31 interceptions (98.0 rating) — while rushing for 3,564 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Jackson is the fastest quarterback in league history to reach 5,000 passing and 2,000 rushing yards (35 games), his 10 100-yard rushing games vs. Michael Wake Tied for the most in league history. He is also the only quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards twice in one season. His 200 passing and 100 rushing 5 games are the most in league history.

Jackson is focused on football and will be banking on a huge season before long-term contract talks heat up again. If the Ravens decide to franchise Jackson, he will be guaranteed a salary of $40 million in 2023.



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