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Ravens mascot suffers leg injury after being tackled by youth footballer

You just hate to see a big name get hurt in preseason, but now a pointless game takes away another superstar. Poe, the Baltimore Ravens mascot, suffered a suspected ACL tear when he was roughly tackled from behind by a youth football player.

As youth football game during Ravens-Cardinals halftime turns ugly for weekend, a kid grabs Poe, shoves him to the ground, mascot lifts Knee, needs to be lifted. As a pro, Poe never took his crow head off — playing in pain off the court all the time.

Sunday afternoon, the Ravens provided an update after Poe was injured the night before icing on his knee.

Thank you for all your concerns Wen

Poe did some damage to his drumsticks and angered some feathers in his Mascot Classic last night.

We will continue to share Poe’s status updates, but he is resting comfortably pending further test results.

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) August 28, 2022

The Ravens are now in trouble if Poe can’t work this season. Sure, the team


      put another guy under the crow’s head – but they shouldn’t Ton. This is the perfect opportunity to get a new mascot, turning this tragedy into a year of mascot-filled fun. Here’s a few different mascot ideas, bearing in mind the organization wants to honor Edgar Allen Poe’s work.

      • Whistleblower Terri

      • Monty Barrel
      • Niche Ghost
      • Opie, Opium Pipe

      • Look, Baltimore has a lot of great options this season — just in case Poe isn’t ready to leave.


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