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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson rejects contract bigger than Russell Wilson in key areas

The expected news was made official on Friday, with quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens officially suspending contract negotiations ahead of the 2022 season. Jackson’s focus was this year, and head coach John Harbaugh made it clear he knew Jackson would be “the team’s QB for a long time.”

What kind of trade did Jackson turn down?

Jackson landed a deal over Broncos QB Russell Wilson in key areas, Baltimore’s extension attempts outpaced Wilson’s average $49 million a year in new money, sources say September 1st. It is also thought to come close to or beat Wilson in guaranteed funding, with Wilson 68% guaranteed.

This is pretty much Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who will make $50 million a year for the next three years in a highly guaranteed deal made in March . Regarding the margin, it’s less than the $230 million full margin deal Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson received after Cleveland traded Watson in March.

In fact, believing in full security becomes the heart of the matter. Jackson is looking to get as close to $230 million as possible, opting to play with the fifth-year option of his rookie deal until he gets the trade he wants.

Meanwhile, Ravens owner Steve Bicciotti spoke in the spring, telling a small group of local reporters, “I don’t know (Watson) should be the first A guy who gets a fully guaranteed contract. For me, it’s groundbreaking, and it makes negotiating with others harder.” Rick De Costa talks about the deal. “We appreciate the way he handled this process,” De Costa said in a statement.

Jackson received a fully guaranteed fifth-year option this year for $23.02 million .

After the season, he will face the first of two franchise tags worth $29.7 million in non-exclusive and $45.5 million in exclusive (both numbers). may change next year). Without a trade, Jackson will likely get another tag in year two — and then likely face a tag so high that he’ll be a free agent.

But considering the risk, it’s risky and now only the fifth year option is guaranteed. Jackson has always done things his own way, and according to Friday’s decision, he’s betting on himself.



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