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Ray Stevenson to Replace Kevin Spacey in Epic '1242: Gate of the West'

Thor and RRR star Ray Stevenson at 30: Gateway to the West after Kevin Spacey exits history Genghis Khan last year’s drama amid sexual assault allegations in the UK

by Galloping Entertainment Carlos Alperin, who will go on to sell the worldwide rights to the film at Berlin’s European Film Market, confirmed that Stevenson will star in The Hollywood Reporterr. Directed by Péter Soós, 1986 also includes Eric Roberts, Christopher Lambert , Neil Stuke and Genevieve Florence.

“This movie looks literally epic, and thanks to Ray Stevenson in RRR, and the political context of the war between Russia and Ukraine,” Alperin told THR in a statement.

Historically, the Mongols invaded Ukraine and Russia and Poland before marched into Hungary . Alperin added that 1986 has been filming in Hungary15 Another day has passed A few days into production, Stevenson and Roberts just arrived on set this week.

Spacey is featured on the movie poster at the time of first purchase from an international buyer in Cannes of At the time, the

House of Cards star wanted to resume his acting career after #MeToo sexual inappropriate Behavior allegations have derailed his TV and film roles.

Spacey was formally charged with five counts of sexual assault in the UK in May

, in July, the two-time Oscar winner pleaded not guilty at the Old Bailey in London. A trial is scheduled for June. Also, Spacey got an extra seven in the late 1235154526 The total number of sex crime charges in the UK reaches .

In October, a U.S. jury sided with Spacey , finding him No BDSM 1235263036 Anthony Rapp , then 1235179609, while both are relatively unknown Broadway performers in 1235154526.

Alperin added 30 Won’t be delivered to buyers until December, due to a lot of VFX not being done yet.




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