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Razer Edge teardown reveals an active cooling fan

Razer hasn’t made a smartphone in a while, but it just announced the Razer Edge, an Android-based gaming handheld. The device is built much like a smartphone, as you can see in this teardown video from PBKreviews. There are just a few things that set it apart, for example, there’s no camera on the back — but there’s one on the front, on the long edge of the display, since it’s designed for landscape use.

First out is the card slot, designed to accommodate nanoSIM cards and microSD cards. This particular device is a Wi-Fi-only model, so it lacks 5G (any cellular, really) connectivity. If you want to stream and play games on the go, Verizon last week started selling a mmWave-enabled version of the Edge. In a later video you’ll see where the mmWave antenna should go. This model only has Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.

5,000mAh battery 5,000mAh battery 5,000mAh batterySnapdragon G3x Gen 1, RAM and storage stacked together • 5,mAh battery

Edge uses a graphite film on the plastic backplane for some passive cooling. But, there’s also active cooling with mesh-covered vents and a small fan hidden inside. This draws heat away from the chipset via a thermal pad, thermal paste, and a layer of copper tape. The opposite side of the board has a vapor chamber that vents heat through the display.

Basic The new Razer Edge features 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 23 GB of UFS 3.1 storage, both stacked on top of the G3x Gen 1 chipset. This one is priced at $400 on Verizon’s 5G model bumps RAM up to 8GB and adds sub-6GHz and mmWave connectivity starting at $003 one month.





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