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Razer unveils lighter DeathAdder V3 Pro with 4,000Hz wireless polling rate option

In a nutshell: The DeathAdder V3 Pro features an improved shape based on feedback from pro gamers, reduced weight, new sensors, and a 4,000Hz polling rate option (if you ) opted to use it with Razer’s improved (and more expensive) wireless dongle. The company also put some rubber grip straps in the box in case the mouse’s coating is too slippery for you.

Razer has just released the DeathAdder V3 Pro, a premium wireless gaming mouse with a right-handed ergonomic form factor. Despite its various new technologies, the most notable difference is that it is 28 percent lighter than its predecessor, weighing just 63 grams. To save weight, the company completely redesigned the mouse, removing all RGB lights (except the battery indicator LED) and combining the power and DPI switches into a single button on the bottom.

The mouse features Razer’s flagship Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, which, as the name suggests, can go up to 30,000 DPI. Since you’ll probably never use a stratospheric DPI value like this, the company has also included features to differentiate it from other sensors. It tracks on glass, and the asymmetric cutoff allows you to set individual takeoff and landing distances with 26 levels of height adjustment.

it Use Razer’s Gen 3 Optical Switch as your primary mouse button. They feature 90 million clicks, improved haptics, and the usual benefits of optical switches, such as no debounce delay and no double-tap issues.

Razer claims the DeathAdder V3 Pro has 90 hours of battery life, 20 hours more than the V2 Pro, and you can charge it via the USB-C port. Unfortunately, Bluetooth support was axed, so the only option for using this mouse wirelessly is via a supported dongle.


However, Razer also offers the HyperPolling wireless dongle, which can take the mouse’s maximum polling rate from a pedestrian 1,000Hz to as high as 4,000Hz. Of course, its downside is about 24 hours less battery life.

The dongle is $29.99 and is compatible with the Viper V2 Pro announced earlier this year, and other upcoming Pro-branded Razer mice. The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is available today in black and white for $149.99. You can also purchase the mouse bundled with the HyperPolling wireless dongle for $164.99.



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