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Ready for everything: Forrester prepares IT leaders to “fit for the future”

A few years ago, no one knew that a pandemic would shut down the world or disrupt just-in-time manufacturing and supply chains. It’s hard to know how to prepare for the future when unforeseen disruptors can change everything.

Forrester Research noted in a report that 2020 and its pandemic have ushered in a new decade by accelerating digital and technology demands. Buyers prioritize value, privacy and experimentation. The future of work is being redistributed. Changing market dynamics are redefining operating models.

“Leaders must reimagine their technology approach to keep pace,” Forrester analysts said in a recent report. “Customer obsession will provide the North Star to leading CIOs, CTOs and Chief Data Officers as they embrace what Forrester calls a “future-fit technology strategy.”

But what does that actually mean? Cultivating certain traits within an organization can help it prepare it for any unknowns that may arise in the future.

“When we look at businesses, we see three traits that are technology strategy success, driving customer obsession The key to benefiting from it is adapting to the future,” said Matthew Guarini, Forrester vice president and research director. “You need to be adaptable, creative and resilient. “

Adaptability, Creativity and Resilience

Forrester Program Help IT leaders leverage these three traits to get closer to a future-fit model at the upcoming North American Technology & Innovation event in Austin, September 29-30, also available digitally. Designed for Information Officers, CTOs, Chief Digital Officers, Vice Presidents, Digital Team Directors and Business Line Leaders, as well as leaders of digital and e-commerce business units, as well as CEOs, CFOs and COOs.

Guarini’s opening keynote with Forrester analysts James L. McQuivey and Fiona Mark will focus on how technology leaders are driving today’s high performance, a topic attendees will learn about throughout the conference

Going a step further, Guarini said the event is designed to help IT and business leaders take the lessons they’ve learned and develop a practical plan to apply those lessons to themselves The organization and environment. Guarini said the idea is to turn research into action.

Other programming at the event will include panel discussions on topics that are of the greatest concern to IT leaders right now Topics such as low-code/no-code, talent competition and talent management in uncertain times, hybrid jobs, Web3/metaverse and the future of the internet, cybersecurity for the future, etc.

The The event will also showcase some use case/case study demos from projects like Pinterest, Oomnitza and OutSystems.

Talent Wars

In the pre-conference event, Forrester will focus more on the talent issues plaguing the industry, especially over the past few years, and some of the solutions to those issues. This part of the event will be Showcasing some of Forrester’s recent research on the increasingly competitive nature of the skilled labor market.

Forrester Research predicts that employment of skilled workers will increase substantially over the decade 2020-2030. But the future In a few years, some new force will change the labor market. For example, Forrester said, Silicon Valley is no longer a destination, it is a hyperlocal design.

Copying Silicon Valley’s historical success becomes more and more It’s getting easier,” Forrester noted in its labor market report. “Tech executives need to find the focal point of these ecosystems and build beachheads to get the most out of their workforce strategy.” To the highly skilled tech workforce.

A particular area of ​​focus in the workforce at the Forrester event will be women in technology.

“It’s still a male-dominated industry,” Guarini said. “There are a lot of women who come into the industry, but then they don’t stay.” With that in mind, Forrester’s show will shed light on how to build a good foundation for women in IT, both as leaders and as individual contributors. experience.

Interested in participating in Forrester’s North American Technology and Innovation Forum will be held September 29-30, 2022, use coupon code FORRIW to register.

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