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'Real Housewives' gave women over 50 a platform to express their sexuality, says Andy Cohen: 'Great feminist image'

Andy Cohen who helped develop Bravo’s massively successful Real Housewives franchise, opened up about the show The formation of the expressive concept and his desire for it all. , Online Sunday, Watch What Happens Live The host said he thought the way women were portrayed in Housewives was a “great feminist image”.

Reality TV series with 10 shows produced by Cohen USA and even more worldwide Inside, follow some of the wealthiest women in the country living lavish lifestyles.

“No show has given women a platform to express their sexuality in this way 2006 Orientation and who they are, start life again and figure things out,” Cohen said. “And I thought it was great.”

Before creating Housewives, the producer said he was fascinated by soap Interest Opera All My Children , “Because there are strong, powerful women who dress well and have big hair. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Erica Kane is the most ferocious thing I’ve ever seen. Housewives is fun for me.”

Then, an opportunity flashed. Early in his career, when he was in charge of the production of Bravo, he told the magazine, a man named Scott Dunlop “brought a VHS of these women around him, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is interesting. .’ No format. Nothing. It’s an idea.”

Since then, the first Real Housewives The show is in , starting in Orange County . Cohen explained that he was really attracted to “the idea that the women on the show all go to the same tennis club, and they live in the same gated community. Pine Valley is a small place, and they all go to the Chateau for dinner, and they all Get your hair done in Glamorama, so that’s where the drama happens.”

Once Orange County proves it can thrive , next the franchise will expand to New York City , then Atlanta , New Jersey , etc.

“One of the things that excites me in the early seasons in Orange County is I have a sexuality that I don’t see on reality TV,” the host added. “Of course on The Real World it’s teen hook-ups and stuff, but here are, like, MILFs with huge boobs.”

Cohen has previously spoken about the show’s success in reality television. When interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter in April 1235135219, when asked about 1235242545 Considering the current economic climate, the ratings for shows about luxury lifestyles, he said, “These shows are always peeking at the other half. It’s the backbone of the franchise And I think it looks funny. You saw that in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–in recent years, it’s been in a weird way to be the crown jewel. People love to see how these rich women live.”



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