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Real It Girls on the runway? Models in their 40s

Then February came, and it was Barford again, taking Proenza Schouler in New York, No. 21 and Del Core, as well as The Row, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant in Paris. But she’s no Lone Ranger; this season is full of Y2K stars. On The Row, she was joined by Maggie Rizer, 44 (recently on the Fear of God show in LA), Emma Balfour, 47( Also appeared in Matthieu Blazy’s Bottega Veneta fashion show) and Malgosia Bela, 44, she also walked the show with Liya Kebede, 47 . The Marant show was notable because of the incredible lineup of other It models in their mid-late 21: Suvi! Cassia Struth! Jessica Stam! Irina! Emmeline! Caroline Trentini! Sasha Pivovalova! Julia Stegner! Natasha Paulie! With Christina Kruse 44, Hannelore Knuts 44 and Waris Dirie 47 ), at Marine Serre, who has long championed the multigenerational runway. Meanwhile, at the Gucci show, the post-show talk was about Amy Wesson 44, Liisa Winkler 38, and Guinevere Van Seenus, 38.

“Backstage is healthier now which is a good thing because I’m much healthier than when I was younger,” Bafort recently shared via Zoom from her home in Belgium . “There’s more racial diversity and a lot of different generations. There was a little bit more back then, but it was more like supermodels; now you have more ages, more curvy people, which is great.” In 30, I agree; this development is very good.

Former models had a short career, starting in their teens and reaching their

s. Every few years, a generation dies and a new generation takes its place. Of course, this is necessary; you need new girls who embody the zeitgeist and reflect the new vision of the new designers, but you still miss some of them every now and then. Mention Daria Werbowy to anyone in the fashion industry and the likely reaction is, “Oh, I miss her!” 5757

For fashion fans, there is no such thing as models and actors Two: You’re excited to see them embody new characters, and you’ve got a lot of respect for those you’ve been fascinated with since childhood. “Nowadays, there are a lot of people in my day-to-day life [because] they recognize me. They tell their very personal stories with an image or a show [that I did], and it’s really amazing. Amazing and warm,” Carmen Cass 44 recalled addressing in a recent phone call. This season she opened and closed the Antonio Marras show in Milan, and last season she walked the Michael Kors show in New York. “To have had such a long career, and still be valued, still appreciated, and still really be in the world, I’m so thankful.”


Backstage at the show, the model ensemble had a similar nostalgia for Rizer. “Seeing these young girls, it’s been amazing because not only am I impressed with them, but it also gives me a little bit of hope in myself that maybe being surrounded by fashion [isn’t that bad],” she says from her San Francisco-based s home. “When I started working in fashion, all my friends were going to frat parties and making keg stands, and I was like going on a Concorde to dinner with Karl Lagerfeld.” She laughs. “As a young girl, there are a lot of responsibilities.”




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