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Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love Your 100 Girlfriends Manga Gets TV Anime

Rikito Nakamura and ( of Yukiko Nozawa ) Manga is making TV animation in 450. The official website launched on Tuesday, revealing the main cast, crew and visual effects: 100-girlfriends100-girlfriends100-girlfriends100-girlfriends©Ritou Nakamura・Nozawaゆき子/Shueisha・Kimiのことガ大大大大大好きな Production Committee

    Series Star:

  • Wataru Katō as Rentaro Aijo

    Kaede Hondo as Hakari Hanazono

    Miyu Tomita

    as Karane Inda

    Hikaru Sato () is directing the series at Bibury Animation Studios. Takashi Aoshima () is in charge of series composition. Akane Yano () is designing the character.

    ©Rikito Nakamura, Yukiko Nozawa, Shueisha
      Seven Seas licensed manga, which describes the story: Rentaro Aiko tried and tried, but after asking a hundred girls out on dates, he was rejected every time. In desperation, he begged for guidance… only to be told by a god that his refusal was due to some cosmic error! Now God is going to right the wrong by making sure Aijo gets a hundred dates. Except, as gods always do, there’s a catch to dating: a hundred girls are destined to be Aijo’s soul mates, and unless he reciprocates their affection every time, they’ll die in horrific accidents! Sure enough, the girls started confessing to Aicheng left and right. But how should he choose? ! He doesn’t want to kill anyone! It felt like a bolt of lightning as he looked at each potential soul mate. Can a person really love a hundred people? This hilarious romantic comedy takes the harem concept to the extreme! Nakamura and Nozawa presents

      Shueisha ‘s magazine December 100. Shueisha published the manga

      Volume 12 compilation .

      Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie

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