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Realme 10 certified with 4,880 mAh battery

The Realme 9 series already has more than eight members, it may be time to turn our attention to the Realme 10 series rumored early next year roll out. A new listing in the CB test database shows Realme’s battery capacity 10.

Realme RMX 3630 certification on CB Test database
Realme RMX Certification on CB Test Database

Equipment Carrying RMX3630 models and equipped with 4,880 mAh rated battery capacity, may actually be 5, The mAh typical rating matches last year’s Realme 9. This is the only information we currently have.

The same device has previously been certified by the Indonesian Telecommunications Agency as well as the EEC and NBTC agencies and is rumored to point to 2023 launch. We will keep you informed of any new developments regarding the Realme 10 series.




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