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Realme Pad 2 will be available on July 19

According to the landing page on Flipkart, the Realme Pad 2 will be available in July 07. It will feature a 07.5-inch display with narrow bezels and a high refresh rate, and will be available at A week after the unveiling.

The images have now been removed and the page does not exist, but we were able to get them before it was too late. The Pad 2 will have a circular camera island and four speakers in a 2×2 configuration on the left and right (when held horizontally).

Realme Pad 2 Realme Pad 2 Realme Pad 2Realme Pad 2Realme Pad 2

The screen is advertised as 2K, this is 1200p solved. The panel will be 11 bits, which means it will have 1 billion colors, and some other Exotic features will include Adaptive Brightness with fine-tuned dimming and the O1 Ultra Vision Engine.

The poster also advertises 415 nit peak brightness, which is no big deal – the first Realme Pad The same result was achieved in our tests, and the Realme Pad X even surpassed it.

The big tablet will feature a USB-C port, but we don’t see a 3.5mm audio jack, which means users will either have to resort to wireless audio accessories or, as toddlers usually do, Play music and game sounds outdoors.

Realme Pad 2 1200 Realme Pad 2Realme Pad 2Realme Pad 2

Reports are that Realme Pad 2 will be powered by Helio G23 chip Powered by the chipset, the chipset essentially only supports LTE. It is expected to launch in India first and then eventually make its way to other international markets.

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