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'Reboot' star Judy Greer knows how to take a joke

Just because she’s playing an actress in her latest TV series doesn’t mean Judy Greer has anything in common with her character. “The biggest difference between me and Bree is that she is not in the 15 years,” Greer said of her role on Hulu’s Reboot, “I was in years — pandemic aside.”

A Hollywood meta farce, Reboot starring Greer as one of several hapless performers when their vulgar early The sitcom gets a windfall when it returns to Hulu. It’s full of industry satire, including old writers clashing with the next generation and programming executives with no programming experience.

Greer has no shortage of experience. Her IMDb profile reads like a phone book and Reboot is She plays the role of alone. So when she hopped on Zoom in October to eagerly discuss her new series, the conversation kept turning to perspective gained from one of Hollywood’s most uniquely prolific careers.

Reboot Reminds me a lot of TV

, Jake Kasdan’s 2006 The movie, in which you play the manager a writer’s pilot script is badly distorted by the broadcast television machine. Have you ever thought about this?

That movie is one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever done. I love making it and I love the finished product – but that’s not always the case. It came out weird – a bit of a nightmare. People in Hollywood reacted like, “Yeah, I saw that… I saw .” It’s true — and I think Reboot got a better response. I think we’re probably in a place where we’re more willing to make fun of ourselves and see ourselves see. It does feel like the TV disturbed the industry

when I first Going to a pre-demo, I was like, “Oh, that’s exactly what it’s on TV


Of all the pilots I’ve done, I haven’t gotten that many, so I’ve only been to one real upfront. It was a tense, long day—sometimes eerie. But it really is an honor.

Since there are still those weird corners of the party where they circle the actors and force They meet advertisers…

Grab a little side boob? Yes. That will happen.

From left: Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy and Judy Greer on Hulu’s reboot . Michael Desmond/Hulu

between Reboot, From left: Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy and Judy Greer on Hulu’s Reboot.TV and your own memoirs ,I don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star, you demystify Hollywood. Is that what you intend to do?

Purely by accident, but I think I’m in good company. It feels like everything is getting mysterious right now – via social media, of course. I’m guessing it does go both ways. Everyone uses filters and FaceTune and all this shit, but at the same time, we’re all like, “Look what I ate today!” Big movie stars of my generation are doing TikTok videos and shit right now, I thought, “What about the mysterious?” Still, it’s fun to see the inside of everyone’s house. I’m happy to tell what I’ve seen. So while I don’t exactly see myself as demystifying things, I’m always going to give an honest answer.


Reboot, yo you’re playing the first in years Actress who worked once – and you never seem to stop working. Have any actor friends who have spare time asked you for advice?

Nobody asked me to do a pep talk – not about that. But if they did, I really don’t know what to say. The business of art is like the human body. Each individual is so specific, so different, and evolving all the time.

In terms

of you

r Career development, which projects do you think are big leaps now?

There is a pair. continue13 was really good for me because it was very successful and people liked it a lot. A long time ago I was watching a movie called Adaptation. My character was really small, but I felt like it changed direction in a way I hadn’t noticed before. When I did The Descendants I felt another little rung of the ladder because it showed me in a different way that I thought people hadn’t really seen before Pass me — that’s the only scene that really gets me down. It always helps to have someone like Alexander Payne pick you.

has a

particFrom left: Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy and Judy Greer on Hulu’s Reboot. very interesting One episode reboot where your character crashes the writers room. Have you ever been an actor in the writers room?

onreboot, I really want to [creation By] Steve Levitan Meet my dog ​​Mary Richards. But the day I brought her to work, the timing was so weird that I had to text and say, “Can I come over to the writers room and introduce you to my dog?” I put on the wig and the whole thing — at that moment I It’s basically Bree, bringing my dog ​​into the writer’s room while they’re telling stories and shit. I just thought, “Isn’t she cute, running around? Did I bother?” (laughing.) I didn’t forget what happened in that moment, So I said, “Okay, I’m leaving now!” I was always invited to the writer’s room, but I knew better not to.

You briefly ap

pear topless in the first episode, in a scene where your character reunites with his ex played by Keegan-Michael Key for the first time in years. On the page, does this make you laugh or make you uncomfortable?

Nude photos are not in the script. It was written that she was trying to take off her top and everything. When you’re shooting a scene like that, you can wear a tube top or a tube top, but at the end of the day, it’s a pain to shoot around all kinds of underwear. So I said, “Let’s just do this scene, and then you guys can work on my boobs in the cutting room.” When the scene was cut together, they said, “Well, we have two versions, one version we It’s possible to see your breasts—it’s funny. We’d never put it on the show if you didn’t want to, but why don’t you come and see what you think?” So, I saw it and thought it was funny. Do you think it’s funny?


correct? I think that makes it more interesting. It’s funny, it’s awkward, it’s surprising, and I think it might give the audience a sense of how Reed [Key] should feel. There are so many different kinds of nudity that it’s nothing to my comfort level. If I’m doing some crazy sex scene, I’ll weirdly think that showing anything isn’t that fun for me. It’s comedy, they’re just boobs. We’re never scared when guys take their shirts off. uld If you were a man, you wouldn’t ask.

It won’t even appear! I’m a bit old fashioned so I always ask my husband before signing up. He’s a good sport and he’s very supportive. We met when my career was going well, and I’ve done it before.

I heard a n inFrom left: Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy and Judy Greer on Hulu’s Reboot. In the interview with you you mentioned the trap of the “wife”-mom” role once you play it. In terms of quotes received, Is this a slippery slope?

My dad and I had a good long conversation about this. I think I already had my first mom role and I was complaining to him. My dad said, “Think about how many more roles you can play mom if you can play mom too! ” Oh yeah. I won’t speak for all actresses, but there comes a time in your life, usually in your 30s, when you get your first few characters, you think, “Seriously? ’ And then you get over it because usually you’re actually a mom. I did this movie with Lee Pace, a real hit called Marmaduke. I’m sure you probably have it… Criterion Collection.

I don’t saw

. Sorry.

Oh really? If you want a quick watch, I’ll wait. I’ll never forget to do that. We just arrived in Vancouver to film, Lee and I are close friends, Hair and makeup testing and clothing fittings — and this young woman walks in and she says, “Hi, I’m Caroline Sunshine. I am playing with your daughter. ’ We looked at her, ‘Get out! ’ We were speechless, and I don’t think we ever got over it. But at that moment I was like, ‘Wow, this is an adult playing my daughter. But my dad was right. Mom characters come in all sizes and types, some bigger and better.

How are you Your

occupation is in your 20 compared to what you might expect?

Much better, although I can’t say my expectations were low. Oddly, I’ve always been very passionate about my career — while not knowing anything about the rest of my life. I’m a control freak in every aspect of my life, I’m obsessed, I stay up all night, I worry. But when it comes to work, I always feel The universe has taken care of it. I trust when things go my way and when they don’t. With so much content, not every woman is in her midst 40s are moms or clichés. Hollywood is moving towards more equality and more behind-the-scenes representation of women, let Women like me get more roles in front of the camera. In fact, the older you get, the more complicated things get – and so do the characters.

What type of

character you haven’t played yet

Are you most interested?

I’ve done so much. I’m so lucky. But there are two Things I haven’t done – an action movie, like Jason Bourne’s, and a deep period movie. I’ve done 1000s, ’34sha’70s, but I’ve never done skintight A period piece with corsets and no tampons. I think I did The Village, which is a period piece…


is twist.

Yes, we wear corsets, but We didn’t know it was today. One of the things I learned from making that movie is never take your corset off when you’re taking a lunch break because you never Will wear it again.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

This story first appeared in the November stand-alone issue of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. To receive the magazine, Click here to subscribe .



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