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“Reborn as a vending machine, now roaming the dungeon” animation announced the English voice cast, premiered on July 19

jihanki jihanki©Hikuma・KADOKAWA/”Vending machine ni raw まれ変わったI は maze を迷迷う” production committee Crunchyroll announced on Tuesday that it will start streaming in English Voiced by as

  • Hirukumajihanki of animation of
  • () Wednesday light novel series.

    The English dubbed cast includes:

  • Garret Storms as Boxxo
  • Emily Neves as Ramis
  • Marisa Duran as Munami

  • Maisie Anne Johnson as Suori
  • JARROD GREEN as Karios
    • Brian Macy as Goss

  • Monica Rial as Mrs.

    Chris George is directing the British dubbing .

  • Zach Bolton is a producer.
  • Chris Barton is handling the adaptation.
  • Andrew Tipps is sound mixer and Jose Sandoval is an engineer.

    This animation was broadcast on July 5 at TOKYO MX and AT-X channels, and also run In BS NTV . Crunchyroll is streaming the series live.

    Noriaki Akitaya (Bakuman. All three) are working on Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ.

  • Tatsuya Takahashi (two seasons,) is doing Supervising the series script, and
  • Takahiro Sakai (, ) is adapting the original design of the anime by Yūki Hagure.
  • Uragi Yuta abd Keita Takahashi is composing music. Slowcurve Co., Ltd. is making this animation.
  • BRADIO is performing the title track “Fanfare”.
  • peeling apples is performing the ending song “Itsumo no Soup ” (plain soup).

    Yen Press Published all three volumes of light novels in English, the story is described as:

  • a A middle-aged man with only one hobby in his life gets a fitting end in a traffic accident. Most stories end here, but his begins here, reborn as the thing he admires most in life – a vending machine! But his new life(?) happens in the worst possible place – what can a vending machine do in a monster-infested dungeon when he can’t speak or even move on his own?

    Hirukuma started serializing this story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in March , and ended in December of the same year, the epilogue story was serialized from January to February 2016. Kadokawa’s Sneaker Bunko has started publishing a printed novel with illustrations by Kato Gowa , the first volume starts in July . The third and final volume was shipped in February .

  • Guozhi A manga based on the novel was launched at Kadokawa August Magazine319. Yen Press is releasing the manga digitally, with chapters at Japanese debut.

    198391 Source: Crunchyroll (Leah Tom Dempsey)198391




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