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Rebuild World TV Animated Cast Revealed

Live broadcast Electric Shock Library Nahuse‘s TV anime’s second teaser visual ) Sunday light novel series.

© ナfuse/KADOKAWA/ribiburudoワールド Production Committee

    • The main actors are:

    Taiki Yamashita as Akira

    teaser-01 Kubo Yurika as Alpha teaser-01

  • Honoka Inoue as Cheryl

    © ナfuse/KADOKAWA/ribiburudoワールド Production Committee


    Image courtesy of J-Novel Club Provide

  • J -Novel Club

    is releasing English light novels and manga adaptations, the story is described as: rebuild-world-vol-1-ln The pinnacles of human civilization have come and gone, leaving only ruins behind. Society and science are now working to reconstruct, rediscovering fragments of knowledge from incomprehensible and powerful ancient artifacts. These “Old World” artifacts could bring riches to those who find them, if ancient security systems and rogue bioweapons don’t kill the artifact hunters first.

    Akira, a young street orphan, sets out to become one such hunter to escape the brutal life of the slums. Untrained, malnourished and poorly equipped, Akira is lucky to make it back from the ruins alive – until he meets Alpha, a mysterious ghostly woman who changes his fate forever. Alpha needs a hunter and she is willing to train Akira to get one.

    Is her support enough to help a penniless ghetto kid climb the path to success? Is it on top of a cruel and unforgiving world?

    Kadokawa has published Nahuse‘s novel, and Gin(illustrator) is in charge of illustration , yish(environment artist) and cell(mechanical designer). Nahuse started at

  • on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website Novel published on The latest chapter on the website is located at 600.


  • started publishing this series of prints at

    . Kirito Ayamura drew the manga, which was released in July 2019.

    The novel is ranked 5th on ) rank of tankōbon600

    (of Treasure Island Society ) Kono light novel ga Sugoi’s version!

    (This light novel is amazing!) Guide


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