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'Red Room' Thriller to Open Fantasia Film Festival

Fantasia Film Festival will open its 20 edition with Pascal Plante’s Red Rooms, A French-language thriller about a woman’s obsession with a high-profile serial killer case.

A genre film starring Maxwell McCabe-Lokos and Juliette Gariépy will be awarded Rovi Vary’s North American premiere in Montreal after bowing out of the competition.

On Thursday, as Fantasia launched its second wave of games, the festival also booked the world premiere of Shigeyoshi Tsukahara’s anime adventure Kurayubaka ; Eva Strelnikova’s Stay Online, a Ukrainian thriller set in the current Russian invasion; and director Robert Cuffley ‘s Romy , which explores the horrors of artificial intelligence in the smart home, starring Alexa Barajas.

Zach Clark’s swap romance also got a sneak peek The Becomers; Quebec director Oliver Godin’s

Irelande Cahier Bleu; and The Primevals, live-action and stop-motion monster films from directors Charles Band and Chris Endicott.

Fantasia also presents the international premiere of Sympathy for the Devil, starring Nicolas Cage and directors Yuval Adler and Joel Kinnaman at Our Keeping Secrets reunites afterwards to drive a mysterious passenger (Cage) at gunpoint, only to find himself caught in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse in which it’s clearly not Everything looks so.

Fantasia will also premiere internationally at Insomniacs After School, adaptation of Makoto Ojiro’s popular manga directed by Chihiro Ikeda .

North America’s largest genre film festival earlier announced a series of world premieres 1235484403th edition, including Theresa Sutherland’s Lovely Dark and Deep, featuring Savage stars Georgina Campbell; Victor Ginzburg’s Empire V ; Jared Moshe’s Aporia, led by Judy Greer and Faithe Herman; and Where The Devil Roams, from directors Toby Poster, John Adams and Zelda Adams, also known as The Adams Family.

Other world bows already announced in Montreal include Xavier Gens’ Mayhem! , starring Nassim Lyes and Olivier Gourmet ; horror director Larry Fessenden’s Blackout ; Nicholas Tomnay’s What You Wish For, with Nick Stahl plays a chef with a gambling problem from the producers of The Florida Project; and Ryan Ward’s Daughter of the Sun.

Fantasia Music Festival will be held in July 20-August moon. 9 in Montreal.




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