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Red Sox-Yanks to air in the UK on Saturday

Red Sox-Yanks to air Saturday in the UK

Aaron Judge is Superman.

This is how Felix White felt when he saw the Yankees star who played two games at Fenway Park last month.

“You can feel him beyond the human dimension,” said British musician, author and broadcaster White.

This Saturday, White will once again be a BBC sports commentator A close-up look at the Triple Crown candidate^s broadcast of the Red Sox vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium The latest chapter in team confrontation. Melanie Newman will handle game-by-game duties with the addition of White and former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia.

The broadcast is part of a new five-year agreement between the BBC and the MLB will watch the regular season on the BBC every season. The broadcasts will be tailored to existing and new baseball fans in the UK. Games produced by MLB Network will be broadcast live on BBC iPlayer at 1pm ET and 6pm UK time.

“I think if people really like the Baseball, [Newman and Sabathia] will be able to deliver that, and it feels like a really high-quality broadcast,” White said. “What I’m really trying to convey is how it feels to me, on an instinctive level, and then try to convey the problems that people who watch it for the first time might have.”

White first fell in love with baseball at

Follow the Mets ^ to the World Series. His August experience at Fenway. 13 and13 was captured as part of the just-released short film “The Call of the Majors.” At the end of his two-day introduction to baseball’s most famous matchup, White was full of emotion.

“You really have that feeling that only music and movement give you a feeling that you can feel everyone out there, ‘We’re just where we want to be right now, in this space, in this moment, ‘” He says. “It’s really a relief for the state of the modern world.”

helped White prepare for a role as a baseball TV commentator that weekend in Boston. This
is a whole new adventure for White, but he is ready and excited for it endlessly.

“I wish I could actually enjoy it. I Had the pleasure of sitting next to CC Sabathia and asked him what I wanted. We’ll see where we get,” he said.

exist2015, BBC Sport partnered with Major League Baseball to broadcast the MLB London Series between the Red Sox and Yankees. As part of the new deal, the BBC will air the 94 London series between the Cardinals and Cubs in June and the future London series at 94 and 19.




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