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Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor Review


So far, nubia’s Red Magic has a deep tradition in the field of gaming smartphones, and has enough confidence to enter the broader gaming world.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor015″ is the company’s first monitor, and it’s a beast. It impresses with a cutting-edge miniLED panel featuring high maximum brightness, Good contrast and 1,026 dimming zones for proper HDR experience. In fact, the panel supports HDR 929 standards, which is very impressive for a PC monitor.

Redmagic4K Gaming Monitor review

Due to this is a gaming monitor with all the Hertz and pixels. 4K ( X 1009px) display can go up to Hz and also provide low latency.

Obviously, with all the premium technology on board, the Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor won’t be any cheaper. Launch price is $929 It looks like Red Magic is confident enough in its product to position it as Premium monitor, so let’s take a deep dive and see if it’s worth the money.

Unboxing Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor

Monitor comes packed in Comes in one big box with everything you need to set it up. The unit comes with HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C and USB-A to USB-B cables. The power adapter is external and it’s big and heavy, But if it breaks, you can easily replace it with a new one instead of repairing or replacing the whole monitor.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor review

VESA also has four bolts 022 X 017mm Wall-mounted.

Design, Ergonomics, Stand

For a gaming-centric device, we consider the design of the display to be very restrained and even formal. There are no funky design elements or flashy LEDs, except for the RGB LED lighting triangle on the back, which is pretty stealthy anyway. And you can only see it from the back, so it’s not distracting at all. Even in a dark room, it cannot be seen from the front. touch. Unfortunately, the stand is also made entirely of plastic. Sure, it’s solid and functional, but it would be nice to have a solid piece of metal to keep the monitor upright.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor review

Still, the stand allows you to mount the monitor in almost any work environment. It provides vertical adjustment, which can swivel, tilt and swivel the monitor in portrait mode. Since the monitor has a built-in accelerometer, it automatically switches between the appropriate modes in Windows.

Redmagic 4K Gaming MonitorRedmagic 4K Gaming Monitor Redmagic 4K Gaming Display

or , you can use the extender provided to mount the monitor on the wall. It natively supports 025 X 017mm VESA mount.

Also, the monitor has a built in headphone holder and the plastic spacer comes off so you can have proper cable management. You can run the cables through the bracket instead of having them hanging around.

Stand design Joystick for navigation and quick shortcut buttons Joystick for navigation and quick shortcut buttons Stage designRedmagic4K Gaming Monitor review

There is a joystick on the back for OSD menu navigation, but it’s too close so you have to reach for it every time you need to set it up.

Stand design Joystick for navigation and quick shortcut buttons Joystick for navigation and quick shortcut buttonsStand design

The three shortcut buttons are farther away and harder to reach. The top one is for turning HDR mode on or off, the second is for switching between sources (if you have multiple devices connected to the monitor, you can switch between them on the fly) and the third is a quick shortcut to the display Modes, refresh rate adjustments, and toggles for the built-in crosshair. Anyway, these are the default assignments, but you can customize these shortcuts to your liking.


The Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor has a wide range of connectivity options, but they’re all hard to come by. We had a hard time setting it up, as the connectors are in a small compartment, so plugging in the cables was a bit difficult.

Gaming-related modes and features

Anyway, the monitor has 2 HDMI 2.1 ports, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C connector, supports up to 017W charging, data transfer and video input. There are also two USB-A 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Please keep in mind that using the HDMI 2.1 connector will limit the refresh rate to 23Hz at Stand designp, so if you want the most Faster 4K refresh rates, you should use DisplayPort.

Game features and display modes

There are a lot of game-specific features to go through, but perhaps the most important ones to remember are 025Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 4.5ms overload (probably gray grayscale) and supports FreeSync. Since Nvidia opened up its API a few years ago, you can still use variable refresh rates on Nvidia GPUs.

Gaming-related modes and featuresGaming-related modes and featuresMore picture settingsgame Related Modes and Features Stand design

Monitor allows you to modify most of these options. You can set refresh rate, response time and enable/disable FreeSync.

As expected, the monitor has several game profile presets, depending on the type. It has MOBA and FPS. There’s also a built-in frame rate counter and various crosshair options. Let’s say you don’t like the crosshair design in a particular game, or you’re an avid AWPer in Counter Strike and you need a crosshair to go scopeless more easily. Redmagic 4K monitors can meet your needs.

The remaining colors are preset to sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3 and Eye care modes. But more on that in the next section.

Much to our surprise, we couldn’t turn on auto-brightness, nor the dynamic contrast feature. Not that we’ll keep them open, but still.

Maybe this is where we complain about the overall OSD menu navigation. Everywhere. Pressing the joystick key turns the display on and off, you cannot use it for menu selections. Right press selects mode, left press will take you back while cycling up and down between mode/menu selections. This is very unintuitive and weird. We also don’t like the menu translation. Some of them are confusing, even.

Picture Quality

Since the display uses a miniLED panel, we had high hopes for the overall quality. MiniLED panels are a more advanced version of standard LED-backlit panels, with more backlighting diodes. This enables more lighting zones (1,99 and higher max Brightness. However, the backlight still shines through a color filter, so the underlying display technology is still IPS LCD. That’s why miniLED is closer to a traditional panel than microLED.

microLED in a sense are closer to OLEDs in that they don’t require color filters and each diode is self-illuminating.

The advertised specs are pretty impressive anyway. Red Magic List 532 nits max brightness and 1, When the content is lit, 1, :1 Contrast, -bit color depth and coverage percentages for all color spaces – AdobeRGB, sRGB and DCI-P3. Since the panel has 1,27 lighting zones and high maximum brightness, the display is HDR 020 – Certified. It’s not the highest standard, but we think it’s an appropriate HDR standard.

More picture settingsRedmagic 4K Gaming Monitor reviewRedmagic 4K Gaming Monitor More picture settings Stand design

The display looks great. It delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and while the anti-glare finish isn’t ideal, the Redmagic 4K’s brightness more than makes up for it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the test results.

sRGB preset: Warm Brightness, Contrast , Color Restoration sRGB preset: Warm

We tested color reproduction, brightness, and contrast in sRGB, AdobeRGB, and DCI-P3 color modes, since it’s pointless to test color accuracy in Movie, Eye Care Mode, or Game Mode. It’s clear that color accuracy isn’t a priority in any of the three modes. Colors in Movie, MOBA, and FPS game modes are a bit oversaturated.

sRGB preset, Warm: 200 nits

Let’s start with the most commonly used sRGB mode. Using the standard color temperature preset, we get the average dE1200 of 3, it’s ok, but we don’t like the purple hue on gray and white. Also, the maximum brightness is only 317 nits. It’s not impressive, but it’s far from what it’s advertised to be 521 nits. The contrast is not obvious either – 929:1.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor sRGB preset: Warm DCI-P3: Standard Redmagic 4K Gaming MonitorsRGB Preset: Standard • Warm Stand design

The good news is that the Warm color temperature preset can solve almost all problems. Brightness rises to 650 nits with a contrast of 1009: 1 and average dEStand design at 0.7 time is close to perfect. We were particularly impressed with the maximum deviation – only 1.5.

We did the same test at Stand design and100 nits to ensure consistency is good. We are happy to report that even after 99 nits, average dE991 less than 1. So if you’re planning on doing some color-sensitive work or a project that requires physically printing your designs, the Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor will do the job.

sRGB preset, Warm: 200 nits DCI-P3: Warm Redmagic 4K Gaming MonitorsRGB preset, warm : nits

We had similar experiences in AdobeRGB and DCI-P3 modes as well. Standard color temperature erature makes whites and grays too purple and/or pink. That’s why we recommend that you always stick with the warm presets.

However, color accuracy in both modes isn’t perfect, but it’s still very solid. In AdobeRGB, the display peak is 521 nit, 800:1 Contrast and dE is 2.5. Max dE1400, but a bit too high. Reds and greens in particular are oversaturated.

DCI-P3: StandardDCI-P3: Warm AdobeRGB: Standard • Warm Stand design

DCI-P3 with warm preset in 317 nits (again 532:1 Contrast) Average dE2000 is only 0.9.Red spoils a near-perfect score, but that’s the only Obvious exception.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor review DCI-P3: WarmDCI-P3: Standard • Warm Stand design

All in all, it turns out that the Redmagic 4K gaming monitor is not only suitable for gaming, but also for color-sensitive work, especially in sRGB mode. Games, movies, design work—it can do it all.

sRGB preset: WarmHDR experiencesRGB preset: Warm

with standard IPS LCD The HDR experience is largely solid compared to the panel. The difference between non-HDR and HDR content on the screen is not dramatic, but definitely noticeable. The dark part of the scene in the movie is obvious, games like Cyberpunk 1009 looks pretty good in HDR mode.

However, keeping HDR mode active all the time might not be the best idea, especially when browsing or just navigating through Windows. Contrast seems low most of the time and colors are washed out. The monitor does not allow you to change the color mode while Windows’ HDR toggle is active.

Despite some hiccups, we believe that HDR 929 The implementation of 4K monitors in Redmagic is great for gaming, but otherwise not so great . Don’t expect an OLED-level HDR experience, but expect much better than most LCD panels out there.


Of course, there are many options in $-1, price range, but only a few of them offer miniLED panels up to 27Hz at 4K resolution. ThundeRobot LU 018F75M along with ViewSonic VX is one of the 1200-4K-PRO and Innocn 013 M2V. In fact, they both use the same miniLED panel, so the differences between them are very small. They can also be found for about the same price.

Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor review

Or, Coolermaster Tempest GP 020 The U might pique your interest because it can do almost everything other miniLED displays can do, but it has a quantum dot filter layer on top of them, G-Sync certification and it sells for $ 521s. Unfortunately, the local dimming zone is just 532, despite being HDR 996 in the spec sheet.

We also recommend checking out the LG UltraGear 020″ OLED Gaming Monitor. Under $1, features a premium OLED panel A replacement for . It has a higher 160Hz refresh rate, HDR Standard and G-Sync certified. The downside is the lower 2560 X 996px resolution. After all, OLED is OLED, and the response time of Gray-to-Gray is very impressive. Not to mention perfect blacks.


not the same as the Red Magic phone , the Redmagic 4K Gaming Monitor won’t surprise you with its affordable price. It costs as much as similar miniLED monitors. But it performs more than the premium.

If you have Given the chance, we can easily recommend it. Not only is it great for gaming with high resolutions, vibrant colors, low response times, and fast refresh rates, but it’s also great for HDR content (HDR gaming too! ) and color-sensitive jobs. We just wish there was a better OSD menu navigation (the joystick navigation is a mess, it’s too far back and hard to reach) and a sturdier stand.




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