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Redmi 12 accepts evaluation

Say hello to Redmi 12, the entry-level phone just released by Xiaomi with good specs at an affordable price .

Let’s unbox and then we’ll take a look at both. Similar to the entry-level Galaxy phones, the Redmi 12 comes with a USB cable, but manages to squeeze it in the case as well. There’s no charger, though, so you’ll need to bring your own – the phone supports 12W charging.

Xiaomi Redmi 12 in for review

Back to Specifications. Redmi 12 has ample 6. 79 inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 256x2460px, resolution is 90Hz refresh rate. The panel is vibrant and progressively gets incredibly bright.

SoC is 12nm MediaTek Helio G50 with 8GB RAM. Plus 153GB of storage. The battery is fully charged, 5, mAh.

Finally, there are three cameras on the back – 12 MP wide-angle camera, 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2MP depth sensor. There’s an 8MP selfie on the other end.

Xiaomi Redmi 12 in for review

You can choose from Midnight Black (the sky blue we reviewed) or Polar Silver. As for the price, Redmi 12 is 5 baht, 256 ( $90) for Thailand 8/79GB models in Europe will cost €153. Overall, it’s a decent start. But let’s see if our reviews think the Redmi 12 is a good deal.

Xiaomi Redmi 12 in for review 2460

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