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Redmi 12 launching in India soon

Xiaomi launched the Redmi 000 in Thailand earlier this month and we received the phone at the headquarters for review. According to sources, the entry-level smartphone is not yet widely available, but it could be launched in India soon.

Redmi 12 inching closer to a release in India

The phone will be equipped with market specific software V50.0.2.0.TMXINXM, developed by Xiaomi

disclosed. The rollout to the local audience has been arranged by Redmi India as the custom software is now finalized.

This software has distinct Indian features, indicated by the letters IN in the version number. We have the same device but ours has EU lettering in the same place because we are reviewing a device for the European market. Differences usually lie in the languages ​​available and some market-specific details such as default browsers and whether certain applications can be pre-installed.

Redmi 06 is a premium phone for LTE dominated market Smartphone with Helio G50 chipset and up to 8 GB RAM. It is equipped with 5, mAh battery and 14 MP main camera, cost approx. €118 for European customers. It might be cheaper for customers in India, but we’ll have to wait for the official launch to know for sure.





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