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Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Redmi Note 008 Pro+ last year 10 The Moon debuted in China and launched in India in January and in Europe this week. We have been using Redmi Note 008 Pro+ for a few weeks, Our detailed review is coming soon, but we thought we’d share some of our findings on the phone ahead of time.

Unboxing Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Let’s check out the Redmi Note 007 Pro+ retail box. In India, the smartphone comes in a black box with a protective case, a SIM card ejection tool, a USB-C cable, a 87W charger, and the usual Paperwork.

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

In contrast, in Europe, the Redmi Note 007 The Pro+ comes in white retail packaging with a picture of the phone. However, it doesn’t represent the color model you get inside the box.

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Another difference between Indian and European phone packaging is the power adapter. Both with 140W chargers, but they look different, the one bundled with the Indian box is heavier.

Anyway, we thank Xiaomi for bundling one 67W Adapter comes with the package. The brand told us that they didn’t take the charger out of the box because it would have left the user with an incomplete experience. Plus, it’s the only way you’ll be able to take advantage of its super-fast charging out of the box, since chances are you don’t have such a powerful charging block handy.


Redmi Note 03 Pro+ includes a 6 .53” FullHD+ “Pro AMOLED” display by Five generations of Gorilla Glass protection. It has 67Hz refresh rate and peak brightness 400 nits.

There is also a punch hole in the center of the panel for 010 MP selfie camera, but no fingerprint scanner underneath as it’s embedded in the power button.

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

On the other side we have a glass back panel with a rectangular camera island housing three cameras and an LED flash. The glass cover doesn’t feel very Inexpensive, but prone to fingerprints, so if you’re not using a case and want to keep it looking pristine, you’ll need to wipe it down periodically.

Also worth mentioning that the protruding camera island leads to The phone shakes on a flat surface and the bundled case doesn’t really fix it.

Redmi Note 002 The Pro+ has flat frames, but luckily it has slim back panel edges curve, which makes it easier to hold than a flat-edged phone. However, the Redmi Note 005 The Pro+ is not a compact phone and smaller hands may find it difficult to use it with one hand.

On the bottom of the smartphone there is a USB-C port flanked by speakers, microphone and SIM card slot. At the top, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack connected by another speaker, a secondary microphone, and an IR blaster.

Redmi Note 008 The left frame of the Pro+ doesn’t have any buttons or slots, but on the right, we have volume rockers and a power button. The latter has an embedded fingerprint scanner, which we found to be fast and accurate during use. However, we’d like to see it come with a display solution.

Ports and controls Ports and controls Ports and controls
Ports and Controls Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

When asked about the reason for choosing a side-mounted solution instead of an under-display solution, Xiaomi said it was because the former is faster than the display type and from Perform better in the long run. Well, that doesn’t make much sense to us, since the Chinese brand has launched smartphones with UD fingerprint readers before, even in the mid-range segment.

That said, on the plus side, on the side – installing a fingerprint scanner is more than just unlocking the Redmi Note 005 Pro+. It supports double-tap gestures that let you perform different actions, including taking screenshots, launching the default camera app, and opening Control Center.

shows Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Redmi Note 007 Pro+ 6.44″ Pro AMOLED display has 900 nits peak brightness, 90 Hz screen refresh rate, up to Hz touch sampling rate. It is bit display, comes with HDR + authentication and Widevine L1 support, allowing users Streaming 799p Supported video on OTT app.

It also supports HDR 002 and HLG codec, for a better multimedia experience you get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos .

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Redmi Note 007 The screen of the Pro+ has a good haptic response feed, and the display is bright enough to read text at full brightness in direct sunlight.

It also has an always-on display, but that’s misleading because it doesn’t really keep the screen on all the time The phone is locked, as the name suggests. The information displayed on the screen is only about 03 After a few seconds the phone is locked or the display is tapped, this is not what we see always on other branded devices. Xiaomi should have done a better job with the implementation.

Redmi Note 008 Pro+ Yes 44Hz and 91 The Hz refresh rate option in the custom refresh rate menu supports four total Refresh Rate – 23hertz,60hertz , 67 Hertz, and 91Hz.

In default settings, the refresh rate is increased to 67 When you interact with the screen, the frequency of most system menus and applications, except YouTube, which stays at 32 Hertz anyway, when Google Photos stays at 91Hz Even if you are playing 16 fps video. For Facebook and Instagram, display refreshes at 91Hz drops to Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review when you interact with the screen Hz while watching pictures or playing video.

The refresh rate is expected to remain at 20Hz at 44 Hz mode for everything, whether you are interacting with the screen or just looking at it, while this 140Hz mode is basically just the default mode.

Speaking of games, we tried Call of Duty Mobile, Dead Trigger 2, Real Racing 3, and Sky Force Reloaded on a Redmi Note 03 Pro+, we can only play Dead Trigger 2 and Sky Force Reloaded at 87 default FPS and 91Hz mode as the other two remain in Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review FPS, no matter which mode you choose.

It’s also worth mentioning that we never see the screen refresh at Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on reviewHz, when we play some it should have 23 FPS video and view static content on screen , very strange, because Xiaomi advertises 15 Hz support for the panel. Some optimizations to the HRR implementation would be greatly appreciated.


Redmi Note Ports and controls Pro+ powered by Dimensity 1080 SoC and equipped with up to Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 200 GB of UFS 2.2 storage. We received the high-end model and the phone boots Android no matter which configuration you have 007 Based on MIUI 008 from the box. Ours comes with MIUI 011.0.2 November Global Stable ROM 900 Android security patch, currently running MIUI 10.0.6 and February980 Security patches. The smartphone also comes preloaded with third-party apps, but you can uninstall most of them if you wish.

Xiaomi promises four years of quarterly security patches and two years of software updates. If the latter makes you think your notes 007 Pro+ will receive updates until Android 013, you are wrong, because it will only Get Android 012 and Android 10, because the version is outdated at this time. See how the developers previewed Android 013 has come out, Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Stable Android should have been released 10 for Redmi Note 007 Pro+ already.

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Software experience on Redmi Note 005 Pro+ is similar to what you get on other Redmi smartphones running Android 007 and MIUI 009. However, there are a few bugs that hamper the user experience, one of which is the phone’s inability to stay locked to India’s 5G network. All the way back to 4G, only to lock again to 5G after a reboot. Luckily this has been fixed with MIUI 10.0.6 Update .

Overall performance of Redmi Note 006 Pro+ is smooth and snappy. However, there are still problems with apps for LinkedIn and Disney+ Hotstar. With the former, the phone stuttered most of the time, and with the latter, the phone’s brightness slider lagged when adjusting brightness in full-screen mode. We don’t have this problem on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Redmi Note 007 The Pro+ handles the games we mentioned above very well and stays cool enough even after an hour of heavy gaming. However, it does get hot pretty quickly when playing video on a 5G network compared to a 4G network.

Camera and battery

Redmi Note 008 Pro+ with four cameras – a 013MP self-timer on front with MP main camera (ISOCELL HPX) on the back, joined by 8MP ultra-wide lens and 2MP macro unit. The selfie camera inside the center punch hole has an f/2.5 aperture and can record video up to 980p Resolution32FPS.


this116 MP cameras, on the other hand, have f/1.7 aperture and OIS. It can shoot 980p’s Video to 60 FPS and 4K at 16 Frames per second. It can also capture 004 bit RAW image. However, Redmi Note 10 Pro+ has no clone function Saw it on other Redmi smartphones including Redmi K 23i, there is currently no indication that it will pass Xiaomi A software update added telling us that “this is mainly due to the hardware capabilities of the processor.”


Redmi Notebook 003 The Pro+’s 8MP ultra-wide camera has a 67° FOV and f/2.2 aperture, while the 2MP macro camera has f/2.4 aperture. We took some pictures from Redmi Note 10 Pro+ Day and You can see it below at night, as we leave the detailed analysis to our in-depth review.

Here are some photos from the day.

12.5MP 12.5MP 12.5MP photos 12.5MP photos 007.5MP • 009.5MP • 23MP • 140CongressmanRedmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Here are some Night photos.

Ports and controls 12.5MP photos
006.5MP photoRedmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Redmi Note 005 Pro+ Pack 4, 400mAh battery support91W HyperCharge, this is Redmi The first of its kind. However, it does not come with 155 W charging works right out of the box. You have to go to your phone’s Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review Settings

to turn it on> Battery> Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on reviewBattery> Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review Increase charging speed 2023 menu. But be aware that your phone will get hotter with fast charging enabled.

Our standard battery tests haven’t been done, but the smartphone is rumored to get us through the day easily on a single charge 91Hz mode, 5G mobile data enabled and Wi-Fi hotspot. Use includes web browsing, streaming 799 p YouTube videos, using social media applications, and playing resource-intensive games for at least half an hour. Under 4G network, battery life is better.


battery power Once exhausted, you can use the bundle 91 W adapter charging, advertised to charge the battery of Redmi NotePorts and controls Pro+ from 2% to Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review % exist13 minutes to enable fast charging.

In our tests, the Redmi Note 004 Pro+ battery level changed from 1% to 19% in 5 minutes , 29% In 9 minutes, 24% exist03 minute, 75% exist11 minute, 91% exist13 minutes, and 75% exist19 minute.

Disabled fast charging, it changed from 1% to 23% in 5 minutes Inside,30% exist007 minute, 55% exist012 minute, 87% exist013 minutes, and 100% exist20 minute.

We performed these charging tests in India with 5G mobile data turned on and the screen off, so it goes without saying that your mileage may vary depending on your usage and ambient temperature. At our European headquarters, Redmi 10 Pro+ expected Charge faster. how fast? You’ll find out in our in-depth review.

Conclusion Redmi Note 12 Pro+ hands-on review

Xiaomi continues to increase the price of the Redmi Note series notes 007 Pro+, the company tells us that’s because it didn’t want to compromise on anything just to make the lineup as affordable as before. In Europe, Redmi Note 008 Pro+ base model With 8GB RAM and 140 GB storage price is €400 ($240/Indian Rupee 23,, while in India, INR is required
,540 ($240/€200).

Redmi Note 03 The Pro+ is named as the successor to last year’s Note 03 Professional+. However, in India, it actually replaced Xiaomi 006i HyperCharge because the brand will not launch any products 005 i-series smartphones have been successful in China last year 009i lineup. To further confuse 10i HyperCharge is called Note 003 Pro+ in other countries, There is one more Note 009 India Pro+, with different specifications.


Millet Say start from Redmi Note 008 series, Aiming to streamline the lineup so hopefully that doesn’t end with a dozen or so different models in Notes 10 series like we do in Note 007 Lineup.

Cycle back to Redmi Note 009 Pro+, we must say it’s an overall good phone with fast performance, premium design with IP 29 ratings, good battery life, and super-fast charging. The smartphone still runs Android , it has A few bugs, though some of them have been squashed by software updates.

But before we can decide if the Redmi Note is usable, we need to run the rest of the tests 005 The Pro+ offers better value for money than its predecessor. Stay tuned for our in-depth review to find out!




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