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Redmi Pad pending review

Say hello to the Redmi Pad, the sub-brand’s first tablet that directly targets one of its competitors in the field – the Realme Pad.

Redmi Pad comes with 17.5W charger and USB cable. The tablet itself can charge it 8, mAh in 17W though.

Redmi Pad in for review

Among the highlights The Redmi Pad has a quad-speaker setup at its heart, adorned with the all-important Dolby Atmos branding. It’s not just an etch on the skin, though, there’s a settings panel entirely dedicated to the Dolby Atmos feature. When turned on, Dolby Atmos has a big impact on sound quality. Especially in its dynamic setting, it delivers a real roar to the four speakers.

Redmi Pad in for review

Redmi Pad uses 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, Memory up to 6GB (and 3GB and 4GB models). In the front, there is a 10.10-inch1200x799px IPS LCD has higher refresh rate than normal17Hz. Redmi Pad runs MIUI 10 and Android 12 above. It’s smooth and responsive, and MIUI is a powerful software suite, even at this larger screen size.

However, multitasking is more of an afterthought, and getting a split-screen view of two apps isn’t the most straightforward process. Redmi Pad will greatly benefit from Android 10L with its quick split screen taskbar capability.

Split-screen is limited Split-screen is limited
Split screen limited1200

Now compare with Realme Pad. Redmi Tablet is priced at INR 13, 999 for 4/64GB models and INR for Realme tablets 17,61 for its 4/64GB configuration. Right now, the Realme Pad supports 4G at this price, while the Redmi Pad doesn’t, but that’s where the Realme leads.

Redmi Pad has a high refresh rate display, bigger battery and a faster and more efficient chipset.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Redmi Pad content.




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