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Regal Ski Style: A Close Look at the Royals’ Winter Fashion

Royalty always dresses to impress—even in the dead of winter. Aristocrats have long been masters of ski style, striking a critical balance between practicality and fashion in a rarefied setting. The queen, so to speak, of ski style was Princess Diana, who frequented the snowcapped mountains of Austria and Switzerland with her sons Prince William and Harry. Her ski style became synonymous with vibrant puffer jackets, braided headbands, and sleek Wayfarer sunnies. She effortlessly proved that you could keep warm and still flex a look on the black diamond pistes (or bunny hills, if you’re a beginner).

A photograph of King Haakon and Queen Maud skiing on display at the “Style and Splendour Queen Maud of Norway’s Wardrobe 1896-1938” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Maud was a British Princess who became the first Queen of Norway.

Photo by Tim Graham via Getty Images

Below, behold 17 of the finest ski ensembles worn by royalty—from Will and Kate Middleton to the coordinated looks of the Duchess of York and her daughters—to inspire your winter style on and off the ski slopes.



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