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Regular exercise reduces risk of contracting coronavirus, study shows


Regular exercise may reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 or developing serious disease, according to a large study published Monday in the British journal PhD in Risk Sports Medicine , supports numerous studies highlighting the numerous health benefits of physical activity as the world looks at the way it is coexisting with Covid.

Exercise helps prevent Covid-19, studies show.

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Key Facts

Including regular physical activity in your weekly routine helps protect people from Covid-19, according to a peer-reviewed analysis of 16 global studies including more than 1.8 million adults.

Researchers found that 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, or 75 Minutes of high-intensity workout for optimal protection against Covid infection and serious illness.

Regular exercise compared to inactive peers, researchers say people had an 11% lower risk of contracting the new coronavirus and a 44% lower risk of serious illness.

Researchers found that those who incorporated exercise into their weekly People who did not exercise had a 36% lower risk of hospital admission from Covid and a 43% lower risk of dying from Covid.

Data show that low levels of exercise can still prevent the disease.

The findings could help policymakers and clinicians develop guidelines to help reduce the risk of Covid-19, the researchers said, although they noted that using research could weaken Results Using different research methods and subjective assessments of activity, they cautioned that the work only involved beta and delta coronavirus variants, not the omicron variant that dominates today.

Things we don’t know

Researchers say It is unclear how exercise reduces the risk of Covid-19. It could be a combination of environmental and metabolic factors, they say. The researchers point out that physical activity is known to have a positive effect on immunity and offers a possible explanation for fighting off the new coronavirus. For example, it is known to boost the immune system and the body’s anti-inflammatory response, as well as reduce the negative effects of stress on immunity. Higher levels of cardiovascular and muscle fitness in people who exercise regularly also help explain why it can prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid, the researchers added.

Key Background

It’s no surprise that regular exercise can prevent Covid-19. Exercise has been shown to strengthen the immune system and reduce the chance of contracting viral infections such as the common cold. Those who are infected tend to recover faster than those who are less active. Exercise also helps improve outcomes for those considered risk factors for Covid-19, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. There are also numerous studies documenting the many health benefits of physical activity and can help people live longer. A recent study showed that up to 300 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week, or up to 600 minutes of moderate-intensity activity — four times what current guidelines recommend — can significantly reduce the risk of death.


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