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Rei Hiroe: '341 Sentōdan Manga will continue to sell if it sells'

341© Rei Hiroe, Shogakukan

First Edition Rei Hiroe of

Xiantao Tuan (

22 RMR Battlegroup) The manga contains an afterword where Hiroe writes that the manga will have a sequel “if it sells”.

He added that he was in 282 Started to suffer from depression and couldn’t draw at that time. He thought he was going to have to give up painting and the industry entirely, until he was invited to work on the initial plans and character designs.

Anime series. At the same time, he began a personal “rehabilitation”, drawing caricatures only when he felt the urge to do so, and continued for a while, but eventually “stuck himself”.

Hiroe explains that creating a simple war story is surprisingly difficult, and often involves adding monsters, magic, or sci-fi elements to the scene, but that’s something he won’t be satisfied with things. He added that he draws the comics out of his own interest. He ended up begging like-minded people to buy the manga so he could keep working on it.

The manga centers on Elmina Shomachi, a noble maiden from the Mordanian Empire who is far from war, only to find herself leading a cavalry commander A battlegroup in the Mordanian army. Her first taste of war was a huge conflict involving great powers.

Hiroe launched at Shogakukan Manga of June Magazine2002.

341© Rei Hiroe, ShogakukanHiroe launched at ) comics. Shogakukan published the August issue of the manga roll.

Viz Media publishes comics in North America and released the August volume2012. Since 2008, the manga has been on hiatus and come back many times.

The first spinoff of is titled : Sōji-ya Sawyer – Kaitai! Gore Gore Musume (Black Lagoon: Sawyer the Cleaner – Dismemberment! Gore Gore Girl). Manga drawn by Tatsuhiro Ida and released on


. Hajime Yamamura

posted on in April 2021.


Adapted comics in 282 and

OVA exist2010. Geneon

released in North America on Got these two series on DVD – 2008 and Funimation

re-releases the series on DVD and Blu-ray Disc2010, and again in 2015.

Hiroe is also the original creator of the TV anime series. He also provided original character designs and wrote and supervised the series’ script. 2007.

Source: Xiantao Tuan Volume 1 2022




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