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Reincarnated Sword Anime Reveals English-Dubbed Cast, Premieres Dec. 29

Hide weeks Four announced that the English dubbing of the anime will start in December

    at 00: pm EST. English cast includes:

  • Melissa Morano as Fran Ty Mahany as Teacher

John Swasey

as Garrus Molly Searcy as Nell Cyrus Rodas as Donadrond Heath Morrow as Randall

    James Maller as Eustace

Antonio Lasanta as Klimt John Gremillion as Elevent Nathalie Rial as Lily

    Andrew Love as Rufus Mike Boike as narrator

Kelly Mannison AS SYSTEM

    Other sounds include Cameron Nunley, Joe Daniels ,

Greg Ayers

, Shelley Karin-Black , Rob Munger and Blake Jackson .

    Kyle Colby Jones

is conducting the English


. Jones also wrote the English script with Marta Bechtol. Jonathan Rodriguez , Patrick Marrero and Bryan Leach are audio engineers. Brent Marshall was responsible for sound mixing and sound design.

      TV Anime

    Yuu Tanaka and of LLO () light novel series premiered on Tokyo MX

on ABC TV and BS Asahi

on October 5th before airing). From September 14, episodes a week early on the ABEMA service broadcast. Shinji Ishihira (, ,

    ) directs the animation to C2C. Takahiro Nagano (

Screenwriter) Writes and supervises scripts. Atsuki Saitō (, Series animation director ) designed the characters and acted as lead animation director. Composed by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Kishida Kyodan and Star Rockets performing the opening theme song “” (). Kurosaki Maone sang the ending theme “more

    The anime is working on a second season. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing simultaneously Original light novel and English manga adaptation by Tomowo Maruyama. The company describes the manga like this:

      reincarnated into a conscious being with the memory of the previous life Weapon, but not his name, a magical sword frees a young Beast girl from a life of bondage. Fran, a cat-eared girl, became his emissary and only wanted to become stronger, while Jian wanted to know why he came. The journey for this odd duo is just beginning! Featuring captivating artwork by manga artist Tomowo Maruyama, this manga adaptation of the hit light novel series is sure to delight Existing fans who love the

    franchise by

    as well as brand new readers who are ready for sharp fantasy stories.

      Tanaka published the novels on the Shōsetsuka ni Narou website in October 318 and Gentosha start Published by LLO Drawn on July

    Illustrated series . No. 00 No. 24 The book will be shipped in September . Maruyama posted a manga adaptation on Gentosha’s website Edition December 2016, and volume 9 shipping 2020.

      The light novel series has sold more than 1.8 million copies. Inoue Hinako Launched in June Comic spin-off .

Source: HIDIVE





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