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Reinforcements on the way as Yankees try to hold on to No. 1

Reinforcements are on the way as Yankees try to hold on to No. 1

After New York’s two-game loss to Crew, Rizzo is expected to be in Returning in the final, more players coming back

Milwaukee – Yankees Suffer There have been quite a few injuries this season, some insurmountable. But New York reinforcements are on their way as they look to finish the season on a strong note.

Despite Saturday’s 4-1 loss to the Brewers at American Home Stadium, which cost the Yankees to 28 -04 After all – with the stars resting, the team still has confidence heading into October. games remaining, time arrive.

“It’s [big],” Judge Aaron said. “We’re still No. 1, but we’ve got a lot of big games. Another big game tomorrow against the Brewers, back at home [to face] Pittsburgh, and then we’ve got Boston into four games and also On the way to Toronto. These are make-or-break games, but we play them all year. So we have to stay focused, stick to our plan, stick to our approach and bounce back right away.”

On Saturday, the Yankees struggled to get a lot going. Jameson Tyrone conceded four runs on four hits in five innings, while the offense scored just one run on five hits.

“I think his stuff is good,” manager Aaron Boone said of Taillon. “I think they really hit him hard. He wasn’t allowed to run until [Willy] Adames homered. But even the first few innings, I think his stuff is good.”

Yankees put together an impressive 47-30 Records started the season with most of their key players in good health. They added guys like Matt Carpenter and he hit. 71 and

home runs games, while Andrew Benintendi, Frankie Montas, Harrison Both Bader and Scott Effross were acquired at the trade deadline to strengthen the roster.

• Yankees Update Injuries and Lineup Change

All of these players have missed time except Montas, but the right-hander may be added to the roster as he is currently awaiting MRI results for his throwing shoulder. Still, Montas remains optimistic that he will start his next start. He doesn’t think it was the same injury that caused him to miss 04 A game against the A team earlier in the season.

Montas said: “Today, I woke up with just normal soreness, nothing crazy.”

This group of players joins Anthony Rizzo , DJ LeMahieu and Luis Severino on the injured list at some point in the second half of the season. Due to injury, the Yankees haven’t rolled out a lineup at full strength since Carpenter last played on Aug. 8.

• Marvin quits after being hit by pitcher

But the team is starting to get healthy now as they make the playoffs. Rizzo is on the injured list with a migraine and has not played since August 15, expected to return to the Yankees on Sunday The team’s series finale.

“he One of the best first basemen in the game for a reason,” the judge said. “He’s been a part of this team and this squad all year. A few things have happened throughout the year, but he’s a guy who’s ready to play every day, and when we put him back in our squad, He’s a guy who can play [and] hit for power. So when he gets back there, he’s definitely going to be a big boost.”


home run this season shows why he should be a good boost to the offense. He hits home runs, RBIs (71), thumps (.64) and OPS (.305) behind the judge. LeMahieu, Bader, Effross and Severino are all expected to return sometime in the next week or so, and the Yankees are poised to retrieve some key players.

“Whenever we get those guys back, it’s definitely a boost,” Taillon said of Rizzo and LeMahieu’s return. “I mean those are pretty legitimate and real big leagues. They definitely giving us a boost, extending the lineup. They bring stretch experience, playoff experience, all of that, so it would definitely be nice to have them back.”

“Even though we started playing really hard here Well, we’re still being beaten and beaten,” Boone said ahead of Saturday’s game. “But we’re also excited that some key players may be back from [Sunday] through Tuesday [and] Wednesday.”




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