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Renaissance Renaissance Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Renaissance designer Cynthia Merhej from her Join our parents’ home in Beirut for our Zoom call. She recently moved to her hometown after moving to Paris during the pandemic, a few months after the bombing that devastated the Lebanese capital on August 4, . To say past, give or take, being plagued by conflict for three years is an understatement, but seeing the work that emerges from these unique experiences can help us put things in perspective.

Merhej is the third generation in the family tree of fashion designers and manufacturers. Her great-grandmother used to have a studio in Beirut, as did her mother (“It’s kind of skipping a generation,” she says), and now it’s her. “I grew up understanding the power and craftsmanship behind clothes and the impact they have on everyday life,” she said, adding that she had always planned to work with her mother, but wanted to make sure she really had something to offer if she entered the fashion industry .



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