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Renaissance Renaissance Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Picture this: a rebellious princess flees from her palace at the seaside. At dusk, she travels across the desert in a desperate search for a city where she will meet artists, writers, poets – free spirits who will free her from rigid traditions. This is the story that Lebanese designer Cynthia Merhej conceived when she designed the spring collection for Renaissance Renaissance.

You might ask yourself,

Princess, really? For a brand called Renaissance? But this princess is out of European tradition. Instead, she is from Tunisia or Morocco, she is fleeing to places like Cairo, and her path is not guided by European medieval signs, but by Jinns and Arabic symbols (as shown in print, shown here as façades , created by a friend of the designer, inspired by the Arabian desert Myth).

“I want to go back to my roots as a brand, to my narrative roots as a storyteller,” Merhej said via Zoom in Paris , who hosted a talk at home, “I always find it easier to express a very complex idea in a simple way, a simple story,” she added. Complicated ideas? “The brand is about this tension between tradition and wanting to be a free spirit,” said Merhej, who cited her mother and herself as examples of this push and pull, but noted that this dichotomy can also be exist in a person.



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