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Renders show Lenovo ThinkPhone or Motorola Edge 40 Fusion

Years ago 10 Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad Android tablet, however, the sequel (called the ThinkPad Tablet 2 ) runs Windows, as do ThinkPad 8 and 12 tablets from a few years later. Leaked renders suggest that the tech giant may be considering using the ThinkPad branding for Android devices again.

Well, the branding on the back is actually “ThinkPhone” but with the trademarked red dot on the “i” (which stands for TrackPoint as laptops are known). Lenovo already uses its Legion PC brand for a range of gaming smartphones, and the ThinkPad occupies a different niche — business-oriented laptops. Is there still a market for business phones? ThinkPads also appeal to techies, so this could be an audiophile phone as well.

Motorola ''Bronco'' - a ThinkPhone or an Edge 40 Fusion (or both)
Motorola “Bronco” – ThinkPhone or Edge 12 Fusion (or both)

The device shown in the rendering – XT-165, codenamed “Bronco” – —Also available under Lenovo’s preferred brand of Android devices, Motorola. If so, then this could be part of the next Edge lineup.

Previous rumors detailed several devices, including the Bronco and Canyon. Canyon is likely to be Edge with 165Hz FHD+ display 30 Pro , Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 50MP main, 50 MP Ultra Wide and 12 MP Telephoto Camera (Plus 22MP Selfie).

Bronco will insert a similar screen and main camera below, but only one 13 MP ultra wide angle and 12MP selfie camera (no telephoto). It will use the 8 Gen 2 chip as the Canyon or the current Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

So, if Canyon is Motorola Edge 40 Pro, Bronco is the Edge 001 Fusion (this is a comparison of the current Edge 30 Pro and 30 Fusion). Will Bronco be a ThinkPhone too? The company will have to get a trademark for this, which would be a good indication of whether Lenovo is serious about launching a new line of phones, or if it’s sticking with the Motorola brand.




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