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René Rapp wants to prove you wrong

Don’t feel pressured to answer this because I know how annoying it is to be asked about identity all the time, but Leighton’s queer journey and yours?

Well, first of all, I appreciate you asking the question this way. I mean, I’m a white bisexual woman, so in a sense my queerness is very welcome. But really, Leighton is who I am, and Leighton has helped me understand myself. I don’t think I have a amazing relationship with my queer, but by playing Leighton, I feel like I’m becoming more openly queer because it’s The public part of me, I’m very proud of that. I do realize that I have a lot of little things to fucking get over; like, I have a lot of internal homophobia. I grew up in the South, and I don’t want to use that as an excuse, but queerness isn’t something to celebrate, right? In high school, I had built my own mental walls to a certain extent of what being queer was to me, so I was busy judging myself and possibly others in the process. Leighton helped me a lot; don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of insanity too, because sometimes I’m like, “You know, I do spend a lot of time talking about being gay,” but you know what? I like it.

Temporarily shifting gears to your music career, what do you think of your upcoming tour ?

I’m very excited. I try to be proud of myself; I consider myself lucky to be praised by other people on the outside, but I don’t really have that on the inside. I was driving home from the studio last night and I was like, “Wow, I can’t believe this is happening.” I’m very proud of myself and it was a big moment for me because I could be in I said to myself, ‘Good job. You are doing what you have always wanted to do. “

I know you’ve balanced acting and singing on Broadway before, but what’s it like to use SEX LIFE AND YOUR MUSIC CAREER?



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