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Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Gets Season 3

Based on the second season of Reiji Miyajima anime ( ) The manga ended early Saturday with an announcement that production on a third season had been approved. The announcement came in the form of a short film called “Rent-A-

Girlfriend Petit” featuring four main female characters:

The anime official Twitter account is giving away the recording script for the second season Episode 1 (autographed by the actor), the actor will appear at the event for the second season in March next year. The first Blu-ray disc of the season will be bundled with tickets for the advance application form.

The main cast returns from the first season. Kazuomi Koga () Directed the animation again at TMS Entertainment (with Studio Comet ), and Hirota Santaka (, , ) came back to supervise the series script. Hirayama Kanna designed the character, HYADAIN composed the music. The returning staff also includes sound director Takatani Shi

, art director Akiha Minoru

, main color artist Fumiko Ishiguro , compositing director Shintaro Sakai , editor midfielder Yumiko


The first season of the anime premiered in the Animeism programming area in July and broadcast episodes. Crunchyroll broadcasts animations worldwide outside of Asia.

Crispy Rolls Describe the story: Kinoshita Kazuo Also – a college student for many years s failure. He managed to kiss his girlfriend once but was dumped a month later. “Uh…damn. I don’t want to go through anything like that again.” Totally resentful and also somehow dating a girl. He walked to their meeting place and suddenly heard “You are Kazuya-kun, right?” A beautiful girl brushed her long black hair behind her ears and smiled at him. Her name is Suwon Chizuru. After one rental, the real thing is born! A reckless romantic comedy full of love and excitement is about to begin!

Miyajima launch Kodansha ‘s Manga in in July 2020. Kodansha Manga is publishing manga in English.

The comic also inspired a live-action series that premiered on July 2.

Source: Manga Na Tully 2020




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